Investing in Fintech: Crypterium Launches Private Equity Sale on Seedrs

Investing in Fintech: Crypterium Launches Private Equity Sale on Seedrs

Investing at the early stages always pays off better. When analyzing other cryptocurrency projects that turned out profitable, it does make sense to buy in earlier. Companies like Ethereum, Binance, Polkadot, and others that are topping the crypto market cap are examples of investment done right. The hardest part of the game is to choose the right project.

When choosing between promising fintech projects, focus on the potential of the technology they are developing. Crypterium, an award-winning digital wallet and a financial company, is a good example of a solid product likely to build trust among investors. After listing on Seedrs, a popular online fundraiser from the UK, Crypterium in just a few weeks reached the 200% overfunding target and has no plans of folding up. 

What’s the Deal with Crypterium?

Chaired by former VISA General Manager, Steven Parker, Crypterium aims to redesign our current financial system by bridging fiat and cryptocurrency. 

Crypterium has a few major products already in operation and soon-to-be-released such as Crypterium Wallet and crypto-to-fiat card for everyday purchases. The wallet serves as a one-stop platform for digital currencies’ management and allows sending, holding, buying, exchanging, and withdrawing crypto. Soon Crypterium users will be able to start earning interest too. As for the contactless Crypterium Card, it works in 180 countries and allows paying for goods and services at over 42 million stores. Besides, you can withdraw cash with it in the majority of ATMs worldwide.

In 2020, Crypterium Wallet demonstrated unprecedented growth. The number of users has doubled, totaling 400,000 people from over 170 countries. Motivated by the fact that the global pandemic had a positive impact on the crypto industry, Crypterium now boasts 10x monthly profit growth and  €150.000.000 turnover. 

Crypterium also offers white-label service for businesses in need of proper wallet and infrastructure layout. Currently, more than 25 enterprises have implemented Crypterium’s solutions. 

New Investment Opportunities

The new investment round aims to accelerate the company’s development, expand the team, and roll out new products such as the loans and AI-based predictions. The platform plans to concentrate on implementing new B2B services and introduce crypto acquiring along with other tools. B2C services will also go beyond the crypto wallet and feature portfolio management, fiat accounts, interest accounts, and series of DeFi products. 

Another strategic decision of the company is to go fully global. Crypterium is on the mission to simplify financial operations not only in the western world but also in the countries of Asia and South America. Dedicated to being compliant in all the major markets, Crypterium is in the process of obtaining the UK registration, EMI Europe, and MSB USA.

One of the far-reaching goals of the fintech company is to shift away from third-party service providers and independently handle card issuance, custody, and cryptocurrency exchanges. This move will be beneficial for the users too as it will reduce fees. And finally, Crypterium wants to soon introduce cards with global coverage and cheap and quick international wire transfers.

On the way to organizing a private equity sale, Crypterium completed a series of legal checkups and was eventually verified by Seedrs as a legitimate and high-standard partner and eligible investment opportunity.  

To buy Crypterium’s private equity, users need to register on Seedrs and choose between six benefit packages. Depending on your budget, you can purchase package from 100 EUR to over 50,000 EUR.

Users then get access to various benefits from getting free access to Crypterium’s proprietary price prediction tool to taking part in shareholder meetings or obtaining priority access to Beta testing. Also, certain investors are entitled to receive cashback on Crypterium Card purchases, higher interest rates, branded merch, and custom card design. 

Those who wish to purchase Crypterium’s private equity package, need to sign up on and verify their profiles. After that, they get to choose an investment package via Crypterium’s portal, submit Seedrs registration data and claim their CRPT token bonus. 

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