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IT minister on conversational AI tool

IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw on Monday hinted at a “big announcement” in a few weeks in the context of conversational AI tools.

To a specific question on whether India can build something equivalent to the conversational AI tool ChatGPT, the minister said “wait for a few weeks, there will be a big announcement”.

When asked about what the big announcement might be, the minister said, “Parliament is in session, so I cannot say anything…”

He declined to give further details. Vaishnaw was speaking at the India Global Forum event.

It is pertinent to mention that ChatGPT has dazzled the world with its conversational skills and triggered an AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot race.

The new AI chatbot tool—created by the San Francisco artificial intelligence company OpenAI—has over the past weeks exploded in popularity and grabbed headlines.

It can be tasked to provide definitive answers to questions, responds to user prompts, and based on online information, it can churn out scripts, speeches, song lyrics, homework material, articles, marketing copy, classroom essays, and even draft research paper abstracts.

The global AI-led chatbot industry is expected to be worth nearly $3.99 billion by 2030. Google, Microsoft, Snapchat, and OpenAI have already launched their chatbots, and others are following suit.

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