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Italian Investor Visa: Best Advice for Women Investors

An investor visa is perhaps the easiest route to immigrate to Italy. It is apt for immigration aspirants who cannot qualify for other options like descent and marriage. But it entails a massive investment as money is the mainstay of an investor visa. If you are a woman looking for this option, expect to make some challenging financial decisions down the line. If you have doubts, a great explanation is provided by the team of to clear them. Although the investment part sounds daunting, it is a small price to pay for starting a life in Italy and exploring the citizenship potential in the long term. Here is the best advice for women investors opting for an investor visa.

Get Your Funds Ready

With an investor visa, everything boils down to financial readiness. Experts recommend that you have your funds ready before starting with the process. Check your financial readiness for the decision by assessing your savings and credit. Discuss the money with your spouse because they can do their bit to support you. The requirement is massive, even if you pick the alternative with the minimum amount. If you invest in an innovative startup, you will need to bring €250,000 as an investment. The amount goes up to €500,000 for an established business. You will have to donate €1 million to a public sector project or buy government bonds worth €2 million. Ensure you have sufficient funds at hand before going ahead.

Sort Out the Paperwork

Paperwork is a daunting task for a woman investor, but you must sort it out sooner rather than later. Essentially, you will have to provide proof of valid funds in your name to qualify for a nulla osta (certificate of no impediment). It is the first step of the process, and you can get an investor visa only after obtaining the nulla osta. You will require bank statements to prove that you have the committed amount in your name. The good thing is that you need not bring in the actual money until you land in Italy with your investor visa. After getting your null osta, you can apply for the investor visa at your local consulate and complete the process.

Invest for the Long Haul

After you land in Italy with your investor visa, you can get a two-year residence permit to live and work in the country. It is the stage when you have to invest the amount in the country within three months. If you plan to get a second passport eventually, be ready to hold the investment for the long haul. You can renew the residence permit after two years and get a three-year permit this time. After five years, you get permanent resident status. Once you complete a decade here, you can claim citizenship by naturalization. All these years, your investment must stay in place.

As a woman investor, you can make the best decision by collaborating with a professional for the process. They can help you obtain your investor visa, and eventually, citizenship by naturalization with the right guidance.

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