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Jitbit Helpdesk Is a Fast Ticketing System For Your Customer Support Team

Customer support is a very important department of any business. Customers play the most significant role in any business. Investing in the right tools to manage customers cannot be overemphasised.

Jitbit Helpdesk helps you manage customer issues and complaints quickly. You can easily track customer requests on a single platform that can be accessed anywhere.

Jitbit Helpdesk converts all incoming tech support requests into tickets and stores them in one central database for later management. Requests come in via email, live chat, text messages, phone calls – all go into the same storage, where help desk agents can add their responses and keep track of tickets.

Jitbit Helpdesk is offered both as a SaaS and an “on-premise” version. It comes with a mobile app, powerful integrations, SAML- and windows-integrated authentication. Not to mention all the standard helpdesk features, like Knowledge base, file attachments, email integration and live updates.

Everything you need to manage your customer service. All at your fingertips.

Main features

  • Case management – organize and categorize incoming requests
  • Web-based – accessible from anywhere with just a browser, works on smartphones and touch devices.
  • File attachments – post documents, screenshots and PDFs.
  • Asset management – track your assets, assign them to your users
  • Knowledge base and Reports with an option to export to Excel
  • Secure – different user roles and security permissions (team members can be assigned to different areas, no customer can see someone else’s data, etc)
  • Flexible – possible Windows-integrated authentication – integrate the IT-ticketing system with your existing Active Directory users catalog

Try Jitbit Helpdesk online or download the app today.

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