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Know how Lenovo’s Lifecycle solutions are strong pillars of support for your business

One of the major takeaways during the COVID-19 pandemic has been an acceleration in remote working. Firms are now increasingly adopting a complete remote working model, boosting the demand for flexible and accessible personal technologies.

Against this backdrop, how can companies deploy and manage such devices? How can they ensure high staff efficiency amid this turbulent new business model?

Organisations have turned to Lenovo’s Lifecycle solutions that help plan, manage, and support their Lenovo PC fleets. These are customised and offer tools to support the new user-centric workspace, help in device-control and security.

Lenovo is a major global tech player that is trusted by Fortune 500 companies to support their end-to-end device lifecycle solutions. The company is also on Fortune magazine’s list of Most Admired Organisations and has been recognised as one among the world’ most sustainable companies.

Pillars of support

Lenovo’s Lifecycle Solutions have several pillars which are:

– Planning

– Configuration

– Deployment

Here’s a look at how these pillars are enabling businesses to manage end-to-end IT solutions in challenging business environments efficiently and securely.

Planning services

This service helps Lenovo and its clients understand the ways and reasons behind merging a company’s tech infrastructure with Lenovo’s solutions for better troubleshooting in the future.

What’s in it? Lenovo experts work closely with the organisations’ team to carefully examine and plot out how services will be deployed across the company’s technology footprint for greater efficiency.

Lenovo Modern IT Workshop Services

Lenovo undertakes consultative sessions and in-depth studies into a customer’s current PC deployment solution with a full end-to-end review of their internal process flows.

Windows 10 Application Readiness and Remediation Services

As companies migrate to Windows 10, Lenovo is the key bridge to this transition, given its deep expertise in important technology shifts. Customers can get a complete compatibility testing for their application landscape and learn about potential threats and remediate issues.

Microsoft Modern Workplace Solution

This improves workplace collaboration and productivity, business agility, and reduces IT touch time throughout the asset lifecycle, benefiting companies through lowered TCO, automation, cloud, and security solutions.

Asset management and optimisation

Here, Lenovo helps companies have a proactive management of IT assets, IT simplification, control and scalability, end-user productivity and experience, and service transition methodology.

Configuration services

Lenovo’s Configuration services ensure devices are ready for use when they arrive at the customer’s organisation, and has a team of provisioning engineers to address any queries or issues, surface custom or out-of-the-box solutions, plan automated PC deployments, and configure devices to the company’s specifications. It also offers advanced deployment services, cloud provisioning, cloud deployment, Customer BIOS Setting, and first boot services, among others.

What’s more?

Lenovo Modern IT Kits give customers the tools to create user-centric workspaces and maintain device control and security while being scalable and easily customisable.

Their Modern IT kits offer a DIY Deploy Kit that is aligned with Microsoft and helps companies begin the modern IT transformation.

Lenovo’s Ready to Deploy Kits are for those organisations willing to dedicate more effort to deployments while easing user setup tasks.

Meanwhile, their Instant Productivity Kits offer a low-touch custom build by Lenovo, based on customer requirements.

Deployment services

Under Lenovo’s Deployment Services, the company’s technicians simplify complex, time-consuming tasks when the devices arrive at the client’s location. Their role assumes significance as having seamless technology experience has become a key deliverable for companies who want to recruit and retain top talent.

  • Its Managed Deployment ensures maximum productivity with minimal interruption or downtime
  • The Software and Technology Turnkey releases the burden of internal IT teams
  • Its Device and Configuration Updates help companies leverage Lenovo’s Managed Installation Services
  • Lenovo’s Asset Verification Services also verify and keep a track of an organisation’s IT assets in one place

In a nutshell

With a wide range of comprehensive solutions under its arsenal, Lenovo Lifecycle’s solutions offer comprehensive all-round products and services for companies to improve business operations, reduce costs, raise security standards and contribute significantly to business growth.

To know more about how Lenovo can help you leverage seamless, fast, and hassle-free solutions for business growth, click here.

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