You are currently viewing Learn how to manage and optimise your multi-cloud environment in ‘CloudHealth by VMware’ webinar

Learn how to manage and optimise your multi-cloud environment in ‘CloudHealth by VMware’ webinar

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and shown enterprises the benefits of moving to public cloud. Many companies have now started leveraging multiple public clouds to drive application-driven business transformation. This, in turn, has led to escalating cloud bills. Enterprises are now realising that their traditional cost management and governance practice and tools for private cloud (on-premise) are not enough to govern their public cloud investments.

CloudHealth Platform can help enterprises spend less time on multi-cloud cost management and more time on innovations. It helps optimise and manage the multi-cloud investments with a single platform interface that delivers granular visibility, governance, optimisation, and automation to control public cloud spending. So far, they have helped 15,000+ of the world’s leading organisations transform the way they spend on cloud through their unique services.

If this seems interesting to you, we have got good news. To explain the features and how it can impact your business, the team has organised a webinar CloudHealth for Cloud Financial Management on 9th Feb from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

What’s in store?

The webinar will take you through CloudHealth’s unique benefits. CloudHealth enables individuals to make smart decisions by harnessing the power of cloud computing but without the additional burden of its management. Instead of making enterprises rely on people and tools for managing and optimising their cloud environment, all they need now is a single platform for management.

They do it by gathering data and metadata related to an enterprise’s cloud-based services use. The platform gathers the information into a centralised data analytics platform, giving the customer analysis, recommendations and reports on cost, usage, performance, and security.

The discussion will deep-dive into how enterprises can truly leverage their services through CloudHealth by VMware.

It will cover:

  • The need for Multi-Cloud Financial Management
  • The CloudHealth Unique Advantage
  • Key Capabilities to expect from CloudHealth Platform

Why should you join?

The need of the hour is to streamline operations and simplify cloud financial management. And in tune with that, CloudHealth offers visibility, optimization, governance and management capabilities across all major public clouds, AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

The webinar will also help you understand how you can drive the right outcomes in your cloud journey, motivate the right people to prioritise shared goals around cloud costs, and bring a change in the way you work.

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