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Let’s Splurge and Travel in Style in 2022

The pandemic has forced many to take a good look at their lives and priorities. While a financial disaster for some, other professionals working from home could stash away more savings. 

However, regardless of people’s particular economic situation, this year’s trend as people hope to travel once again seems to be about “better” and more lavish vacations. 

The New GOAT

Some have reappropriated the GOAT acronym and transformed it into the Greatest Of All Travel. People want transformative and meaningful experiences. For GOAT travel, they want to discover new worlds and cultures and maybe even find out who they are. In short, the greatest vacation ever.

People are hoping for excitement, exhilaration, and the sensation that they have made the most out of their journey. Travel is no longer just about going somewhere and getting back home unchanged. According to Expedia, many US travelers indicated spending more to see bucket list destinations. 

The pandemic has made many realize how life can be changed instantly, and people now want to do what they might have put off for years.

At the top of the search list for 2022, you will find international destinations like Italy, Indonesia, France, the Maldives, and French Polynesia. Travel in 2022 will be about quality, not quantity, where simple pleasures have a more meaningful impact. They are willing to splurge more on their travel.

Finding Meaning

Most people plan to spend more on travel in 2022. First, because they have not been anywhere in two years, and second, because they have been able to put money aside for a bigger vacation budget. 

Despite higher costs, some American travelers are looking for quieter, more luxurious destinations this summer, like a luxury resort stay in Hawaii or an extended holiday on Nantucket. They plan to indulge in extravagant experiences, upgrading to better hotel rooms, getting better seats on flights, and dining at high-end restaurants. 

Most, however, seem to be willing to pay more but only to visit certain faraway places instead of making the trip more lavish. They are more interested in trying food they’ve never eaten before, experimenting with local delicacies, and doing things they would never have done, like sleeping under the stars. The feeling that life is short has been highlighted since the pandemic, and people traveling want to be left amazed and fulfilled.

Where the Deals Are

With airlines fighting to get your business back, airfare is lower than 2019 levels. Maybe it’s time you booked that first-class seat and traveled in style. It could be the best way to start an unforgettable trip. 

  • International destinations with few to no COVID-19 entry requirements see high discount levels. 
  • Cruise ships are also vying to get their customers back, and travelers can find great deals—so that suite with the balcony you’ve always wanted to book could finally be yours. Enjoy cocktails with your friends, admiring breathtaking sunsets from the comfort of your room and away from the crowds. 

Nevertheless, the need to spend more may be unavoidable, as travel costs such as hotels, food, fuel, etc., have gone up in some places. But after being cooped up for close to two years, those who will travel this year are prepared to spoil themselves a little. Follow the link to read more.

Family and Friends Time

People plan to celebrate missed milestones like birthdays and anniversaries, and data shows that group bookings of five or more guests have increased compared to 2019. Family reunion-style vacations will be more popular than ever. People are expected to travel with friends and family, sharing unforgettable experiences. 

As people try to catch up on lost time, destinations that cater to large multi-generational families are seeing an upsurge in bookings. In addition, several countries saw an explosion of reservations by large groups after restrictions were eased in different places around the world. 

So, instead of celebrating a birthday in their backyard, some are going all out and will travel across the world with close friends and family to come back home with incredible memories. Head over to Black Tomato for more trends.

Help Is on The Way

There seems to be a renewed need and use for travel agents. Elizabeth Gordon, the co-founder of tour and safari operator Extraordinary Journeys, says that “more extensive trips often require bigger plans, resulting in new demand for travel agents.” 

The money usually saved by planning your trip yourself could be spent on a travel agent whose goal is to give you the most fantastic experience with no stress or hassle. Their job is to find you the best itineraries and the best bang for your money. In addition, they have resources and knowledge that are not available to you. Click on the link for more information.

Travelers cannot just click online as they did before. Some research must be done on COVID-19 testing, restrictions, and entry requirements. Professional planners can help visitors navigate visas, flight options, accommodation, changes in countries’ entry prerequisites, and sometimes the necessary backup plans.

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