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Looking to scale your startup’s cloud security? Check Point’s virtual workshop is a must-attend

While cyberattacks on big companies dominate the news, attacks on small businesses are more common than you think. And despite the continued rapid adoption of cloud computing, security remains a key issue for startups. According to the Cloud Security Report 2020 by Check Point Software Technologies, 75 percent of cybersecurity professionals confirm they are very concerned about public cloud security. The report also found that among the biggest security threats facing public clouds, organisations ranked misconfiguration of the cloud platform (68 percent) highest, followed by unauthorised access (58 percent), insecure interfaces (52 percent), and hijacking of accounts (50 percent).

Often small businesses get tied up with the more pressing parts of the business such as sales and operations that they overlook security. While large enterprises can weather the storm that follows a cyberattack, the same can devastate a small business. It’s imperative that startups develop a strong 360-degree cybersecurity strategy and implement it to combat costly threats such as malware, ransomware and bots.

Navigate cloud securely with Check Point

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions to governments and corporate enterprises globally. Its solution Check Point CloudGuard provides companies with the confidence to automate security, prevent threats, and manage posture everywhere, across your multi-cloud environment. Whether you’re a startup that’s not familiar with security, or you have limited time or resources on your hands to implement security controls, you can use CloudGuard for faster and more effective cloud security operations, pain-free compliance and governance, and rugged DevOps practices.

Cybersecurity is a problem too big for small businesses to ignore and keeping this in mind, Check Point, in partnership with YourStory, is hosting a virtual workshop on March 9, 2021, from 3 PM to 5:30 PM.

A virtual workshop: Cloud security for startups

If you’re a startup and are curious about how leading startups are managing security and compliance with public cloud environments at scale, this hands-on workshop can answer all such queries.

Industry experts will engage in a fireside chat to discuss how they are addressing complexities across multiple cloud environments and what it takes to achieve faster and more effective cloud security operations.

There will also be a keynote on how Check Point can help you up your security game with a unified cloud-native security approach for all your assets and workloads.

What’s more? Select participants get the opportunity to engage in a one-hour game session called Cyber Range, hosted by Check Point.

Cyber Range: Helping businesses get into the hacker’s mind

Designed to provide comprehensive, hands-on training, Cyber Range is a unique platform for customised gamified cyber scenarios for red teams, blue teams, Security Operations Centre (SOC), and more. You get to experience a real-life cyberattack and have to defend your organisation using Check Point’s advanced technologies.

You will need to face the latest vulnerabilities, exploits and threats, trojan horse malware, ransomware, data infiltration, brute force attacks and data tampering. The game allows you to test your cyber skills, learn cutting-edge technologies, solve real-life scenarios, and use leading hacking tools, advanced methods and strategies like scripting, memory analysis, reversing, decryption and more.

Go ahead and register for the Check Point Virtual Workshop. Hurry up, limited slots available.

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