You are currently viewing Market Xcel reveals how consumer behaviour changed post-COVID-19, from brands to timeframes, and more

Market Xcel reveals how consumer behaviour changed post-COVID-19, from brands to timeframes, and more

In a first-of-its-kind survey, Market Xcel decodes how consumers use brands. The study, delving into ‘The New Emerging Consumer’, revealed that the preference for personal care brands ranks high in the mornings, while food tech and delivery brands rank high at noon and at night, ecommerce brands also in the noon, and OTT brands at night time. 

Market Xcel reported that Colgate, Lifebuoy, and Closeup have emerged as the key morning brands. The afternoon timeframe — a highly populated one — is dominated by a mix of digital, mobile, food-tech, internet-related, payment gateway, and personal care brands. 

Night time, though not as highly populated as the afternoon, also includes internet-related, mobile, shopping, and personal care brands. 

When it comes to categories, Food (CPG), Personal Care, Mobile Phones, Ecommerce, and Haircare were the top 5 in the recall, according to the survey.

The study claims to be analysing consumer behaviour and brand preferences at different times of a routine day to understand the ‘Digi-gen’, i.e. millennial and Gen Z consumers. 

It said that this group of consumers prefer brands that are a combination of a need for immediacy, offer intimacy/personalisation, and are available on-demand and always on. The most successful brands are those that have demonstrated an intimate understanding of the Digi Gen.  

Brands that have collaborated better with the digital ecosystem (e.g., telcos with OTT, DTH, ecommerce, and other relevant surrounding apps) in order to cater to the compelling need of the DigiGen, even if it poses competition, seem to mean more to consumers. 

Startups that garnered the most consumer recall include BYJU’S, Vedantu, Meesho, Dailyhunt, 1Mg, Udaan, and Sharechat.  

Additionally, hygiene, home care and laundry brands like Harpic, Surf Excel, and Godrej remained relevant throughout the day against the conventional belief that they matter only at a certain time. 

Top brands under different categories include Colgate in personal care, Amul in food, Pepsico in beverages, Clinic Plus in haircare, Amazon in ecommerce, Honda in automobiles, LIC in BFSI, Lakme in cosmetics, and Aaj Tak in media and entertainment, among others.  

To expand on the kinds of insights in the study, Market Xcel decoded a typical day for a homemaker, who it describes as someone with “a perfect mix of conventional values and yet catching up fast on technology”

The study claims that while the homemakers it surveyed said that they prefer offline shopping, they are also using digital brands. 

A typical morning for a homemaker includes personal care — including a hygiene routine for herself [and dependents]. Over a third recalled doing yoga. Nearly half go for a morning walk as part of their morning fitness regime. 

The afternoons are mostly spent on housework including washing clothes, preparing lunch.

Leisure, also critical, includes indulgence in social media to catch up with friends and family, and TV viewing.  Nearly half of the homemakers mentioned that their evenings are reserved for socialising with indulgence in social media, listening to songs, and watching television. 

A quarter of them prefer to eat out during evenings; personal care for self and dependents is also critical.

Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta

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