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MedRabbits offers remote monitoring solutions for patients in home isolation

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a paradigm shift in India’s healthcare ecosystem in India. A part of the sector moved online overnight due to limitations in physical contact, and home care, telemedicine, online consultations, and remote monitoring seem to have become the new normal. 

The need for online services has gone up significantly during the second wave of the pandemic as the increasing number of cases is adding pressure on the already exhausted healthcare sector. Many patients are finding it difficult to get consultations and access to hospitals. 

To solve this problem and reduce the burden on hospital infrastructure, Pune-based home healthcare startup MedRabbits is providing remote health monitoring solutions to enable doctors to track patient’s health and connect with them immediately in case of any health issues. 

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Founded in 2019 by Amol R Deshmukh and Anshad Ameenza, MedRabbits began by offering medical services and tests to the patients in the comfort of their homes.

Speaking to YourStory, Amol says, “Our fight against the pandemic began last year when some of our users requested us to enable access to RT-PCR tests from home. We partnered with ICMR-approved COVID test labs for this. Now, we are also offering remote monitoring solutions, especially for those recovering from COVID-19.”

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Remote monitoring solutions

MedRabbits’s home quarantine solution for COVID-19 patients is a wearable smart watch, mBrase, which tracks patient vitals, including heart rate, oxygen levels, blood pressure, and body temperature.

The data collected from the wearables is stored in the cloud and can be accessed by MedRabbits on their dashboard. This data can be forwarded to patients, relatives, and doctors as and when needed. The home quarantine COVID-19 solution is available at a daily rental of Rs 599 a day, for 14 days. 

The co-founder revealed that the startup was working on a feature to make the reports available on the mobile app, so it can be accessed by the patients and doctors.

“We realised that many people were not being able to get to hospitals and clinics. So we introduced a video calling feature in the mobile app to enable them to get on a call with doctors for online consultations,” he says.

Apart from this, the co-founder and CEO also revealed that MedRabbits realised that there would be a greater need for medical oxygen amid the second wave. The startup had arranged for oxygen concentrators early on and is providing them to patients in home isolation and in need. 

Amid the COVID-19 second wave crisis, the startup ecosystem has once again come together to provide solutions to fight the pandemic. Similar to MedRabbits, Gurugram-based healthtech startup MyHealthcare also launched its MyHealthcare Home initiative, which helps healthcare workers monitor COVID-19 patients with mild to moderate symptoms remotely.  

MedRabbits is keen to do more. “We have served around 1,000 COVID patients and done more than 3,000 RT-PCR and COVID antibody tests,” Amol says.

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