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Meet Dr Sulbha Jindal, a passionate veterinarian-turned entrepreneur

“Punjab is a rich state – everything is king size,” says Dr Sulbha Jindal, when asked what it was like growing up in Punjab. Since childhood, she wanted to be a veterinarian, and today she is exactly that. She also owns several dogs. Someday, if she got the chance to have dinner with a famous personality, she says she would love to dine with those working for the cause of animals. “I admire people like Ratan Tata, who are considerate towards dogs.”

She’s always tried to achieve whatever she’s thought of. She had the passion to become a veterinarian and then join the family business, and she’s achieved that. Growing up, she was inspired by the way her father handled the family business, how he started from scratch and took the company where it is today. The best advice she’s ever got from him is to be consistent with what you’re doing. “He always says how it’s important to spend a lot of time at the workplace if you want to run the business well.”

She adds, “Being a women entrepreneur, it takes more effort to survive in this society. But I look forward to achieving what my father has done in his life, he’s my role model.”

Sulbha is a morning person and what motivates her to get out of her bed in the morning is to do something creative and earn more money. Like most people, Saturday is her favourite day of the week.

Fondly called Nonu, she is a fitness fanatic and loves reading up on anything new in the field. Her favourite Punjabi food is Black Dal, she prefers tea to coffee and if she could teach any subject in school, it would be Science. If her house was on fire and she could grab only a few things, apart from her family, she would grab some money and a few photographs to relive some memories. Also, travelling to the UK is at the top of her bucket list.

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