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Meet Sakshi Shivdasani, who’s building her fan base on a foundation of humour and fashion

Sakshi Shivdasani is a name that has become synonymous with comedy and fashion in the content creation world. This model-turned-influencer makes her audience laugh with her witty sense of humour while also showcasing her uber cool sense of style.

With a massive 344,000 followers on Instagram, Sakshi has been consistently creating fresh and funny content for her audience since the beginning of the pandemic.

While speaking about her journey, Sakshi says that her USP lies in the combination of fashion and comedy in her content. “I love fashion and I also love commenting on things in my own way,” she shares.

She adds that the way she talks has somehow helped her in building an internet persona as it clicked with the audience —  negatively and as well as positively.

Fashion and comedy are the two most appealing genres for Sakshi, which is why she combines the two for her content. This, according to her, is working for her audience and she personally enjoys creating the content as well.

While talking about her planning and scheduling process, Sakshi shares that it is all organic for her.

“Short-form content is my jam so anything that you can do in long form, I like to concentrate into a one-minute reel,” she says.

She makes content like- mini vlogs, GRWM (Get Ready With Me) and a lot of other concepts. She also says that the chaos of her content adds to the entire appeal.

Content and community

Sakshi says that every content creator goes through a phase where they run out of ideas and it is a natural thing. That is, however, a good time to step back and re-evaluate the entire situation.

When questioned about the role of social media in her journey, Sakshi says she owes a big part of her journey to platforms like Instagram.

“Platforms also love content creators. If you ‘re putting yourself out there or taking the time to create content for the platform, the platform will give you the love back,” she says.

She thinks that platforms like Instagram are so community-driven that they love their creators.

Lastly, in the terms of future roadmaps, Sakshi shares that she does not have any concrete plans for the future as of now because she thinks very short term.

“I hope I’m creating content that people enjoy and I enjoy creating,” she signs off.

Edited by Affirunisa Kankudti

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