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Metaverse Summit: Day 2

If the word ‘Metaverse’ is the newest technological ‘phenom’ worldwide, then its beauty lies in its inherent plurality. 

There are as many definitions of the collective virtual open space called metaverse as there are the many vibrant verses or worlds, each telling a different story. So, what is the ‘meta’ of metaverse?

Delving deep into this question was Ajit Mohan, Vice President and Managing Director, Meta (Facebook) India, at his keynote address at the YS Metaverse summit, a virtual global conference held on March 25-26, 2022, committed to building a decentralised future powered by Web 3.0. 

He spoke on how the immersive play of the virtual open space is slated to dramatically ‘change’ communication, entertainment, education, economy, and on the joys of being ‘in’ the metaverse rather than seeing it, and more.

Sequoia India MD Shailesh Lakhani threw light on key things investors are observing in the metaverse and future ahead.

Stalwarts of the metaverse VC world — Nitin Sharma from Antler India, and Vaas Bhaskar of Elevation Capital — doling out the key investment criteria in the Web 3.0 world and advice for startups building in the space.

Last, but not least, Kaavya Prasad, Co-founder, Lumos Labs, and Roshni Aslam talked about what can be done to get more women participating in the Web 3.0 world

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See the complete list of speakers and read more about the agenda here

The Interview

Vishnu Kaushal has been winning the internet’s heart with his relatable comedy and fun personality. In this episode of #InfluencersInc, Vishnu talks about his journey as a content creator and shares future plans.

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