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Monitoring COVID-19 patients remotely

India continues its fight against the deadly COVID-19 second wave even as the healthcare system struggles with the overwhelming surge of cases in the second wave.

Choked hospitals, a huge shortage of oxygen, beds, and other medical equipment, and a lack of adequate healthcare workers are forcing companies and startups to think out of the box. 

Gurugram-based healthtech startup MyHealthcare with its MyHealthcare Home initiative is doing its bit to help by enabling healthcare workers to monitor COVID-19 patients with mild to moderate symptoms remotely.  

Shyatto Raha, Co-founder and CEO of MyHealthcare, said the main challenge in India in the coming weeks will be the availability of doctors to cater to patient needs.

The healthtech startup — which offers services such as consultation, diagnostics, health monitoring, preventive health, and more — has pivoted to help India fight the pandemic.

Founded in 2017, MyHealthcare works in partnership with hospitals such as Fortis, BLK, and Nanavati for online doctor consultations. 

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Here are some useful tools and links that can help you find the nearest vaccine centres in real-time.

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Shyatto Raha, Co-founder and CEO of My Healthcare

“In the coming weeks, the main challenge will be the availability of healthcare workers. At that time, we will need technological interventions to allow remote monitoring or care of patients in their homes. Our home healthcare solution will allow hospitals to manage thousands of patients remotely from a single command centre,” 

Shyatto Raha, Co-founder and CEO of MyHealthcare

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