You are currently viewing Our 7 Favorite (Free!) Local Marketing Resources for 2021 –

Our 7 Favorite (Free!) Local Marketing Resources for 2021 –

Digital marketing can help you to streamline and synergize your strategies, provide you with valuable data to identify what works, and make life easier for you in the long run—that is, once everything is set up. But what is “everything?” What does getting “set up” even look like?


For local businesses who often don’t have a dedicated marketing specialist, this can be especially overwhelming. You need to invest in the right marketing channels to save time and money. But don’t you also need time and money to learn which channels are right for you?

Yes, you do need time. But no, you don’t necessarily need money. In fact, we’ve curated seven free marketing resources geared specifically for local businesses. Even better, we’ve chosen a variety of mediums to suit different learning styles and time constraints. Here’s what we’ve got:

>Online learning hub (by LOCALiQ)Modular video course (by Digital Garage)Online lecture series (by Udemy)Annual survey report (by BrightLocal)Podcast (by Marketing Solutions for Local Businesses)Educational tool (by WordStream)YouTube channel (by Hubspot)

From SEO and PPC to lifestyle tips and career growth, each resource offers a little something different so you can obtain knowledge and confidence to grow your business and your skillset. 

Let’s dive in.

1. Online learning hub: LOCALiQ’s Marketing Lab

>Focused on strategies, planning, budgeting, and data.Good for those who are looking to put structure around their marketing.3 comprehensive labs (and counting), 19 courses.Go to Local Marketing Lab.

Simplification and empowerment is the name of the game for LOCALiQ, and they’ve got their Marketing Lab to reinforce that. This free educational hub is great for business owners and marketers looking to arm themselves with effective local marketing strategies, experiment with new ideas, or even to be able to make informed decisions when outsourcing. And having worked with over 300,000 local businesses across the country, you can rest assured they know their stuff.


What we like most about Local Marketing Lab is that not only does it cover the most effective local marketing strategies, but it also guides you through setting up a plan to put them into action. This is key for getting your marketing strategies to work together as a cohesive system that drives

By: Kristen McCormick
Title: Our 7 Favorite (Free!) Local Marketing Resources for 2021
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