Outdoor Signage Ideas That Will Drive People to Your Business

Searching for outdoor signage ideas for your business? Want to make the most of your outdoor signs and displays?

While there are a lot of ways to advertise your business, one of the most effective is to simply make better use of outdoor signage. If done right, outdoor signage can make a big impact on your sales and can lead to your business getting a lot more customers each day.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you succeed. Here are a few outdoor signage ideas you can use to drive more people to your business.

1. Change It Regularly

One of the best things you can do to make use of outdoor signage for your business is to make sure that you’re switching it up regularly. If you’ve had the same outdoor signs up at your business for years on end, you probably aren’t making the best use of signs for getting your business results.

On the other hand, people who pass by your business regularly will take notice if something is different each time they go by. Setting a schedule for updating signage, or better yet, buying a sign that you can easily change from day-to-day can be a great help for attracting more attention.

2. Add More Signage

Another thing to remember when trying to improve outdoor signage is that you should move beyond simply having a sign for your business name. Extra signs can attract more attention for your business and can give it the boost it needs to bring in new customers.

Adding a few additional window graphics or a simple sandwich board on the sidewalk could be helpful for advertising to potential customers and letting them know what you have to offer. Having more signs will give you more chances of convincing someone to stop in and make a purchase.

3. Experiment With Placement

In addition to regularly switching your signage, it’s also well worth thinking more carefully about the placement of outdoor signage as well. You should do a bit of testing and consider your options carefully to find out what will work best for you. 

Placing signage on the sidewalk, inside a window, or a bit further from your business near the street could all be good options. Be sure to consider all of the options you have at your disposal to ensure that you’re making the most use of your outdoor signs.

4. Make It Readable

Outdoor signage will do very little good for your business if it’s not readable. Because of this, it’s essential that you do adequate testing and think clearly about your outdoor signage designs before putting them up. 

Consider where a potential customer will be viewing your sign from and whether it can be read easily or not. For example, someone who is walking by your business on the sidewalk might have an easier time reading a sign than someone who is driving by.

Additionally, make sure that your sign designs aren’t too cluttered. Try to get straight to the point with your signage and keep the design minimal. Aim to get the main point across to potential customers, even if they only have a couple of seconds to read it as they’re passing by.

5. Go Beyond Basic Displays

When trying to make the most of business signage, it’s a great idea to consider the many different types of sign options that are out there. While using basic signs can be helpful, sometimes using a type of sign that is different from the norm can be even better.

Using a 3D sign for your business logo or for other signage can be a great way to stand out a bit more, for example. Outdoor digital signage can also be useful for a business as well and can allow you to quickly change your message on a regular basis. Sandwich boards, pylon signs, light-up signs, and canopy signs can also be used to great effect and can help your business get more customers each day, so it’s well worth considering all of your options.

6. Improve Color Usage

When improving outdoor retail signage, it’s also a good idea to think carefully about the colors that you use. While you may want to use brand colors on your signage, it’s important to remember that some colors will attract more attention than others.

If you don’t use colors that stand out on your sign, it may not be as effective as it could be. Be sure that the colors you use on your signage help attract attention and that they make the text easy to read.

Additionally, you may also want to consider color psychology a bit and try using certain colors to evoke the emotions that you want your potential customers to feel.

7. Perfect the Wording

In addition to tweaking the colors you use on your outdoor business signage, it’s well worth spending the time to think of the perfect words to use as well. Aside from simply writing your business name, encouraging customers to stop by, or mentioning products you have, you can try using some puns, wordplay, or clever headlines to attract more attention.

Even if being playful with your signage isn’t your style, you should still think carefully about your word choice. Ensure you’re using words in an enticing way to attract interest in your products or services.

Getting More Customers With Great Outdoor Signage

If you want to boost your business and get more customers, you need to be making the most of outdoor signage. By using the tips listed above, you’ll be able to create some outdoor signage that not only looks great but that also gets your business results.

Looking for more tips for growing your business? Read through our blog now to find more tips that can help with your advertising and marketing efforts.

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