You are currently viewing Paddy Raghavan, Jags Raghavan’s second startup innings with Multipl

Paddy Raghavan, Jags Raghavan’s second startup innings with Multipl

In 2017, Bengaluru entrepreneurs Paddy Raghavan and Jags Raghavan were working with Cisco for one year after their cloud cost optimisation project —  — was acquired by the multinational tech conglomerate.

Post-acquisition, they were making personal investments, researching various asset classes, reading about personal finance, and so on.

The entrepreneurs noticed many urban Indians were using credit to fund travel expenses, gadgets, and other big-ticket items, and in turn, paying high-interest rates.

In 2020, the entrepreneurs launched Multipl, a free fintech app to save, invest, and spend for big-ticket expenses and for long-term wealth creation.

Today, Multipl has signed up the likes of Yatra, Ather, Wakefit, Urban Ladder, Bounce, Vedantu, Tanishq, Croma, Kalyan Jewellers, and over 200 reward partners as part of its ‘Plan Now, Pay Smart’ thesis.  Read more

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Startup Spotlight

Ayurvedic food for pets

Coimbatore-based TABPS Pets uses Ayurveda to create pet food and other essentials, providing the required nutrition and care without any side effects.

The brand, for example, makes biscuits from calcium, chicken, and ayurvedic Brahmi powder (sourced locally), which improves canine neurological function and helps the owners to train them more easily. Read more

Nutritional supplements for millennials

New Delhi-based D2C (direct-to-consumer) health and wellness startup Welly aims to target everyday lifestyle issues, including sleep, beauty, and immunity, with its 100 percent vegan vitamin gummies.

The startup says it offers three products — suitable for adults and backed by science — vitamin gummies for restful sleep, immunity boost, and healthy hair, skin, and nails. Read more

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– Akshata Jain, Founder, Knot Your Type

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