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Pocket Cases to keep your Earphones safe- Technology News, FP


When it comes to earphone cases, you can’t get any more basic and simple than a Rewy Mini Zipper. One color and no design keep it very minimal. It has 360-degree zip and it’s actually big enough that you can keep your earphone on one side and charger cable on another side. The earphone rest side comes with a mesh cover so you can easily distinguish even without looking. You can also keep a few coins, a pendrive, a memory card, etc.

Stylish Earphone Carrying Case

Here comes a case that is both functional and stylistic. UNIGEAR Earphone Carrying Case is very small which is quite handy as it can fit in your pocket or mini purse. It is made up of a gorgeous red color that is actually a hardened fabric that keeps its rigid shape intact. Despite being small you can still keep additional stuff like coins, memory cards along with your earphone. The whole mechanism is zipper locked.

Black Earphone Case Pouch

Now this one is all for all symmetric lovers out there. The whole case is made of soft rubberized silicon that is complete with matte black color. It is very small and weighs only 27 gm. Best of all it has mesh lining on one side where you can keep your earphones and coin or memory card on the other end. Being made from silicon Ionix Earphone Case Pouch is durable and ensures longevity. It is also waterproof and shockproof.

Rugged Travel Organizer Case

TIZUM Travel Organizer Case is like the granddaddy of all earphone cases. Not only it stores your earphones but also doubles as an organizer case for your daily travel or road trips. Being big in size it can store not just wired earphones but also wireless bluetooth earphones along with pen drives, cables & coins. It is made with three layers of AntiShock EVA hard shell which protects it from drops & scratches while the inside is lined with soft velveteen that keeps your gadget in perfect shape during bumps. It also comes with a carbine hook so you can just hook it up anywhere you want.

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