Protecting Your Gym with Smart Features in the Covid Era

Covid-19 has shown us how we all needed to evolve to react to protect our health against new and emerging threats. One such industry that has been hit hard is gyms. Due to the increased transmission when people are working out, many gym owners have had to make adaptations or close entirely – around 38,000 gyms are thought to have closed in 2020 alone. With the pandemic still running its course, this number will likely be higher come the end of 2021.

But if you are serious about making your gym covid safe, then maybe it is time to adapt to smart technology to help you run a more efficient and contactless gym.

Entry and Exit

Consider removing the need for gym-goers to converse with the reception desk by installing a system that can allow access by simply swiping a membership card. Integrate your entry and exit system with your front desk, and those who are paid-up members booked in for classes or training can either scan a barcode, swipe a card or present a keyfob to allow for easier access. This can be controlled by allowing access to certain areas such as reception only to increase security and allow for easier movement of staff and those accessing different areas of the gym.

Mobile phones with access control apps are ideal for making quick changes to gym memberships, issuing time-limited passcodes for keypad readers, and giving members fast access to the areas and equipment they have paid for. Smartphones outperform several of the weaker door entry techniques listed above, with the ability to store a large quantity of data, a lower risk of theft, and the ability to always be in the user’s hands.


In an area where users head to clean up after a workout, you want to eliminate any possibility of transmitting any virus or bacteria. Again, the ability to open and close doors using a smartphone app or key fob can reduce the contact with doors when entering and leaving a communal bathroom

Tiled flooring is easier to clean for janitors, and a clean tiled floor can help your bathrooms maintain a clean and fresh look all day. Shower panels are becoming an increasingly popular option instead of tiles. Panels are available in various colours and styles, are easy to clean, and can reduce the issues associated with tilings, such as replacing grout and cracked tiles. Floors To Walls is the fastest growing Shower Panel online retailer.

Touchless automatic lighting can be installed and is activated when movement in a room is detected. If people are in the bathroom and moving around, the lights can stay on and the only bel it in areas where movement is detected.

Touchless fittings such as automatic flushers for toilets, faucets etc., can help you reduce water waste and avoid the clean up associated with taps that have been left running.

Antimicrobial Equipment

Bacterial control on these products and equipment is one area ripe for innovation. The spread of bacteria in gym environments has been studied extensively. Anyone who has ever smelled the inside of a helmet or boxing gloves will recognise the unpleasant odour generated by germs. The moist conditions that are frequently created by frequent use of the equipment and irregular cleaning give the ideal habitat for the growth of potentially hazardous bacteria.

Implementing antimicrobial product protection into the manufacturing process for these products is a more comprehensive approach. Antimicrobial technologies help maintain a lower bioburden than would be found on an untreated product by continually inhibiting bacterial development. When used in conjunction with cleaning techniques, they assist maintain a lower bioburden than would be found on an untreated product.


We all know that fitness centres and gyms can be cramped spaces with low ceilings and high occupancy per square metre; they’re often crammed into basements or above shops, with rooms adapted to provide the space and equipment needed for members to work out and relax. Despite this, indoor air quality is frequently overlooked!

A large surface area allows lots of air distribution evenly across the gym space at unnoticeable velocities whilst keeping the space well ventilated and conditioned.  This stops the unpleasant stale air and odours associated with poor air movement at a much lower cost than an equivalent rigid duct and diffuser system can manage.

Explore your options for each different space in your gym, including the bathrooms and locker rooms. This will allow you to find the right ventilation option for your gym and help you further reduce the possibility of transmission and improve overall air quality and invest in users’ health.

At a minimum, mobile air purifier units can be a temporary solution, making sure all windows are open to allow fresh air to circulate. Fans will circulate the stale air around the room, so using an air conditioning unit is a healthier alternative; however long term options can help you minimise the possibility of COVID-19 spreading in your gym.

Anti Bac

At a minimum, having copious anti-bac stations where gym users can protect themselves and individual cleaning stations to help remove moisture and bacteria after each user will further mitigate the risk of catching COVID-19 from poor hygiene from users.

Ensuring staff are monitoring equipment and ensuring any items and machines used are being cleaned. You can effectively provide a safe environment for your gym members at all times. Ensure a plentiful supply at different spaces so there is no excuse that each user couldn’t clean in between use due to no products.

In this day and age, the game industry has taken a huge hit due to restrictive measures worldwide. People want to feel safe when going about their business, including staying fit and healthy by making regular gym visits. Doing all you can to help reduce the possibility of COVID-19 spreading in your gym will also go a long way into helping future proof your gym to adapt to new changes in the industry going forward easily.

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