You are currently viewing Q&A: How to Protect Your Personal Belongings When You Are Using Container Storage

Q&A: How to Protect Your Personal Belongings When You Are Using Container Storage

QUESTION: What are Absorpoles and how can they help your container storage?

ANSWER: If you are using container storage, whether to store your seasonal items, to protect your belongings whilst you are moving, or as extra space for your business, you will want to protect your items from moisture and dampness at all costs. Moving home can be a difficult enough situation without worrying about your personal belongings getting damaged from any water that’s in the air. Whilst you can manage moisture and dampness to some extent by ensuring your items are dry when they are packed and regularly opening your container doors, you may just need a bit of extra help. But how do you go about doing this? Investing in Absorpoles might just be the answer you are looking for.

Absorpoles are designed to remove any moisture that may be in the air. Using calcium chloride to collect and retain moisture, your belongings are free of dampness and mould. Absorpoles are designed to fit in between the corrugated recesses of your containers, making them ideal for those who have a lot in their container and don’t want anything else taking up extra space. They fit flush with the internal wall, which also protects them when transporting your items in and out of your container.

QUESTION: How do Absorpoles work in your container?

ANSWER: Absorpoles couldn’t be simpler to use or install! Once they are placed in your container, they need to be activated – this can be done by pulling the Absorpole from its container. It will then immediately start to absorb any moisture in the air. Once the water is absorbed, it won’t evaporate back into the air. Gradually, the material will begin to dissolve into a brine which will be collected in the container. Using Absorpoles could protect your belongings for up to several months and will only need changing when all the material has dissolved.

The number of Absorpoles you will need will all depend on the size of the container you have. For example, if you are using a 20ft container, generally, 4 – 6 Absorpoles would work for you. Use an Absorpole roughly every 4-5ft of your container to maximise moisture protection. You will also need to consider the temperatures your container is likely to encounter, but this should be more straightforward if your container is static. If you are using your container storage to protect the tools you use for work, you might want to think about a long-term plan to protect the equipment vital to your business. Absorpoles could be the perfect solution.

QUESTION: How to buy Absorpoles and install them in your container?

ANSWER: There are many benefits to using Absorpoles in your container, aside from the obvious one – protection! Absorpoles are robust and durable to work with even the busiest containers. They offer high absorbance, making them cost-effective and long-lasting – perfect for any container. One of the most critical aspects of an Absorpole is that they are environmentally friendly, which is becoming more critical as we look to protect our world.

If you think that Absorpoles could be the answer you have been looking for, why not purchase some from a reputable Absorpole company and ask them about how long your items could be protected?

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