Reducing Fraud by Trading More Safely

Being a most regular part of our daily lives, internet has widely propagated too many changes pertaining to our work, communication and spending our leisure time. The phenomenon of B2B e-marketplaces is fairly new and still in a formative stage. When we talk about Online Business, the degree of risk involvement is always high, so is the case with B2B e-commerce which has been hampered by a lot of fraudulent activities. It is increasingly important for B2B e-marketplace contributors to understand how these e-marketplaces really work and create value. This raises questions about what preventive business measures should be adopted to trade more safely. But while the use of appropriate preventive business measures are claimed to be very important, it is also argued that the rapid development within B2B e-commerce increases the degree of uncertainty, which, in turn, makes the development of such precautionary measures truly challenging, so, here, we need to have more observant approach.

Instead of posting comments/narrating long stories as a victimized individuals, we should be more focused toward the loopholes pertaining to our business procedure/practices in order to cut off the same very fanatics of trickery attitude.

To find a reliable supplier, we need to filter out the most appropriate companies which are concerned with our buying products, it is important to know our requirements and communicate this to the suppliers in advance, some research about the company profiles, investments, locations and product lines should be done. We should also check their prestige or rapport on Google or some other search engines; in the meantime shoot them an e-mail asking about their business License for selling those products. The reason is just to ensure whether they are dealing in genuine products or not?

A reliable supplier would ask you more detail about product before offering the price including description, specification, packing condition, payment method, delivery time, etc. Because all these factors would affect the price, the price offering is the most serious process and also the final transaction process. Go through this procedure you can feel and touch the suppliers and know how good they are. If the seller promise whatever you want, or the price they offered is too low than average, this is most likely fraudsters. Just ignore and go to next because there is a market price for every product or commodity and there is a fair margin for all the concerned parties. In doing business, besides making highest profit possible, we should consider other points that will not only profit us materially, but also make us wise at heart. Beware of extremely low prices that seem “too good to be true”. Check and Compare the prices of products we are looking for.

Along with all above factors, the payment method really holds an immense importance; we should avoid making deals through WU. There are many reliable payment methods, regarding more secure and safe payment, priority wise it is advisable to use 1st, 2nd Letter of Credit, 3rd Bank Wire Transfer or PayPal for payment as opposed to WU.

Moreover, we need to make sure that our conversation is channeled through seller’s respective e-mail id or other contact details with which they are registered on that concerned B2B Web-Portal. When using free online messengers, it is recommended to make sure that we are in contact with the actual and authorized representative of a particular company.

I wish you all very best of luck and wish you more sound and safe trading.

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