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Rick Haring on the Value of Risk-Taking and Failure

Rick Haring, Vice President, Marketing & Communications Americas with International SOS takes the hot seat today.

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Meet Rick Haring

Rick is the Vice President, Marketing and Communications Americas with International SOS. He is responsible for leading the strategy and execution for traditional marketing, product marketing, communications and lead generation initiatives in the region.

Before joining International SOS, Rick was Vice President, Digital Marketing at Prudential Center & New Jersey Devils responsible for strategy, operations and execution across the digital ecosystem creating programs to drive brand awareness, increase intent to buy, generate leads and maximize conversions.

Rick brings an extensive background and long history in the field of Marketing and Sales with Verizon Communications. With over 18 years of experience, his knowledge of Digital Sales and Marketing Strategy, lead generation, CRM and Customer Loyalty, Content Strategy and Creation, Online Sales Growth and SEO/SEM and Social Media Strategy are an asset to the organization.

He holds a Master of Business Administration from Villanova University and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Rutgers University. He resides outside of Philadelphia with his wife, two daughters and three dogs.

Episode Summary

Fire up your marketing campaigns by doing them exactly the same, said no marketer ever. But here’s the catch: oftentimes marketers get so sucked into doing what works, they miss the opportunity to do even better because it may be too risky to try something new or do it differently.

Being a successful marketing leader requires a certain amount of risk. But it also means be willing to lose every now and then, too. In this high energy episode, Rick Haring, VP, Marketing and Communications Americas with International SOS sits down with host Jennifer Gutman to explore the value of risk-taking and failure and how he’s encouraging his team to push the envelope when it comes to innovation and creativity.

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