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Roposo to double live streamer base in next twelve months

At its recently concluded Roposo Live Streamer Fest, Roposo said it will double its user base of 500 live streamers to power hyperlive content across the Roposo and Glance lock screen platforms in the next twelve months

The company will train over 1,000 streamers to create hyperlive experiences across categories, including fashion, music, entertainment, and commerce, and enable collaboration opportunities and mentorship from seasoned industry experts. 

The initiatives for live streamers will allow more such creators to take advantage of the vast potential the platform offers while bringing consumers life-like, elevated live experiences. 

Roposo has expanded its reach to over 50 million consumers, enabling streamers to find audiences and unique entrepreneurial opportunities at scale in the past 12 months.

When speaking about the platform’s growth strategy, Mansi Jain, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Roposo, said, “The combined reach of Roposo and Glance together is massive, and we are growing at a phenomenal pace. We offer one of the largest arenas for hyperlive content across genres. Only the best live streamers can produce hyperlive experiences due to the extremely specialised talents required.”

She added, “Our objective is to empower 1000 top live streamers and give them the tools they need to make a mark in this booming content and commerce category.” 

The Roposo LIVE Streamer Fest was an initial step toward the platform’s vision for streamers, which brought together Roposo’s top 50 live streamers to exchange ideas and learn from world-renowned specialists.

Roposo’s Top 10 LIVE Streamers

“Roposo recognising me as one of their top live streamers means a lot. I have seen my Roposo follower base double, reaching nearly 200,000 over a matter of weeks. What impressed me is not just the scale but also the pace at which Roposo enabled me to build a fan base,” said Live streamer Ash Daniel.

“Live streamers need to constantly engage audiences, entertain, and drive transactions in real-time. It is a true test of our skills as creators. I expect Roposo’s efforts in grooming and training us for live streaming will go a long way in helping us succeed,” he added.

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