You are currently viewing Sachin, Biden and NASA have all joined Twitter’s one-word tweet trend; check it out- Technology News, FP

Sachin, Biden and NASA have all joined Twitter’s one-word tweet trend; check it out- Technology News, FP

On Thursday, Twitter announced that it was testing its ‘edit’ button. While the news brought delight to users, by the next day, something else related to the app was on their minds.

Sachin, Biden and NASA have all joined Twitter's one-word tweet trend; check it out

Twitter’s latest trend has taken the world by storm, with even US President Joe Biden, cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar and space agency NASA joining in. Right now, the biggest buzz on Twitter is the on-word tweet, with many personalities and organisations summing up their career/ brand description in a single word.
With more and more people jumping in on the bandwagon, here’s a look at some of the famous one-word tweets that have been delighting users on the micro-blogging app:

The trend is believed to have been started by Amtrak, the passenger railroad serving most of Canada and the United States. On Thursday, the train service provider posted a tweet with only the word “trains”.

It is not yet known if the tweet in question was a mistake by an intern or a deliberate attempt to gain attention on social media. But, it caught on immediately as brands and famous people began joining in the trend.

NASA, which is known for its stunning images of galaxies, also jumped in on the trend.

Pizza-chain Domino’s wasn’t far behind.

News organisations CNN and NDTV joined in as well.

US President Joe Biden tweeted “democracy” from his handle.

Of course, Sachin Tendulkar also had his share of fun. The Master Blaster wrote “cricket” and joined the fad of one-word tweets.

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer wrote “science”. The company recently had its updated booster shots, which target the Omicron variant of COVID-19, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Marvel character Deadpool’s official account tweeted “deadpool”, delighting fans of the ‘Merc with a mouth’.

Microsoft Windows of course, wrote “windows”.

The trend has received mixed reactions from users. Many loved the trend.

Others found it irritating.

What are your thoughts about it?

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