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Scale up Your Advocacy Success with New Roles and Permissions

We have talked about how to pilot and launch B2B employee advocacy on numerous occasions – in our blog posts, podcasts, webinars, and one-on-one sessions with our customers. So you probably already know the steps to successfully kicking off social advocacy (if you’re still not sure, click the links above!). Now let’s talk about what comes next.

Just like with other marketing programs: if you see the value, you want to scale up and grow, so you can double down on the good stuff. That requires involving more people in your advocacy program and making a company-wide push for social media excellence.

The more advocates you have onboard, the more flexible the program structure should be. Which advocates can contribute more to your program? Who is equipped to provide you with the most relevant content suggestions? Perhaps some of your advocates are better off sharing their own content as part of your program? By asking these questions you can identify a few very different groups of advocates within your program and capitalize on opportunities for growth.

To help you on your advocacy journey, we’re super excited to announce our new feature: Advocacy Roles and Permissions.

Customize advocate roles and access to the board

With this update, you can control advocate permissions and define what functionalities are available to various groups of employees. We introduce three default roles: Advocate, Contributor, and Champion – each has different capabilities, allowing advocates to contribute to your program in different ways.

You can also create custom roles that will better match your marketing goals, organizational structure, and social media policy. These flexible settings allow our customers to expand their advocacy program, streamlining the management process and increasing the value it brings to the organization.

Empower advocates to share their own content from Oktopost

An important part of this update is the new functionality available to Champions (employees who are given the highest permission to the board) – and it’s a big one! They can share their own content from Oktopost’s advocacy board.

Perhaps your program already includes mature thought leaders or even real social media stars who don’t need help finding sought-after content. Typically, these people will share most of their professional content natively, outside of your advocacy program. The good news is that now you can add all the engagement they receive to your advocacy gains.

By allowing selected, trusted advocates to post their own content via Oktopost Advocacy you can scale up your program using grassroots efforts. That’s what employee advocacy is all about in the first place.

This feature also gives your employees – especially in customer-facing roles in Sales, Customer Support, Talent Acquisition, and Marketing – all the tools they need to maintain their social presence across different networks from one place. Let your employees be their own social media managers: experiment with content and find insights that will help grow your employee advocacy program together.

As always, feel free to share your feedback with us.

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