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Self powered USB Hubs- Technology News, FP

Transparent USB HUB
These are great for charging multiple devices simultaneously or for transferring data from external sources to your mobile device. When connected, the entire bottom is lit with blue light, which is integrated with the transparent body. The working state is clear at a glance. Two independent power supply ports ensure some high-power devices to connect and transmit more stability. It’s convenient to connect all kinds of peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, external hard drive, fan, gamepad, and more. ORICO 7-Port USB3.0 Hub Transparent HUB’s main benefit is its wide compatibility that supports Windows, macOS, Linux systems, no need for drivers, plug and play.

4 Port USB Hub
Now port into several so that there are more ports available to connect devices to a host system, similar to a power strip. All devices connected through this USB hub share the bandwidth available to the hub. Zebronics ZEB-100HB is a compact USB hub with 4 ports and comes with an overall glossy finish. It has high speed and is backward compatible also allowing plug and play.

USB Extension Board USB Hub
Now get high-speed data transfer up to 5Gpbs with LED indicator for convenient checking on connection status. The VIBOTON XL-6032 USB Hub has a portable black round USB data splitter with a 4ft extension long cable for you to drag it to your tabletop easily, so you won’t have to bend down your body to plug or unplug the cord. It allows you to connect multiple USB type-A devices connected to your PC at the same time. There comes a time in everyone’s life when we look over the desk for a place to plug in our phone or portable hard drive, only to discover that we’re out of USB ports and need a 3.0 USB hub for mac. Then this 4 port USB 3.0 hub with a charging port is a life-saver for you.

4 Port USB Hub
This everyday essential device is compatible with all USB Type C port laptops and devices, which is ideal for office, business, and personal use slim, compact & durable. It has a rubber foot pad & a shiny body giving the product an extra edge. iBall Piano 430 HUB comes with 4 USB Ports that maintain the data transfer rate up to 5 Gbps. Its slim design makes it easily portable, lightweight, and ideal for instant access and easy experience.

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