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Should You Let Google Ads Apply Recommendations Automatically? –

Not long ago, Google announced that in addition to the new Insights page, advertisers would now be able to automatically apply the platform’s customized campaign performance recommendations with the click of a button. This is in an effort to help businesses move faster, save time, and be helpful to their consumers.

But truth be told, my initialpost about these expanded recommendations was filled with frustration. You’ll notice I’m so irritated with the changes Google has made that I actually offer money to anyone who can figure out what they’re trying to do. (That offer still stands.)

But as with all jarring experiences, a little time and distance has helped me take a step back and reevaluate how these changes can impact a range of accounts.

So today, I plan to offer (a little) redemption on the auto-applied recommendations front.

As with all offerings in every advertising channel (not just Google), not everything is the right fit for all accounts. But there nearly always IS an account that something is good for.

google ads auto applied recommendations pros vs cons

With that said, I want to give a quick overview of the expanded list of auto-applied recommendations Google has rolled out and then give some direction on how you can make a call on whether they’re right for your account or not.

What’s available for auto-application?

Back in 2018, Google announced it would be using auto-applied ads to help advertisers get more variants added to their accounts, and rolled out a new Opportunities tab right within the interface to give suggestions on how to get more out of your account.

If I’m being totally honest, I believe that the new auto-applied recommendations features stem from frustration that more users aren’t applying the suggestions in the now renamed Recommendations tab. This is just a guess, so who really knows.

Either way, if you’ve paid much attention to your Recommendations tab and you’re now reading this post, you’ll notice that many of the auto-apply options will look familiar.

Here is a screenshot of the different actions Google lets you opt into for this new feature:

list of google ads auto applied recommendations

This is a lot of options, but it’s clear the main areas they’re focusing on are bidding, keywords, and ad copy.

Ok, now that you have the

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Title: Should You Let Google Ads Apply Recommendations Automatically?
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