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Smart Wi-Fi Plugs to automate homes- Technology News, FP

Smart Wi-Fi Plug
Once you discover the many common uses for smart Wi-Fi plugs, you’ll get a feel for how making your home smarter can improve your life. Zeb-SP116 Smart Wi-Fi plug provides wireless control of your connected devices like AC, fridge, washing machine, etc. You can turn on or off your device from anywhere in the world with a smartphone and internet connection. The Zeb-SP116 comes with a feature-rich app that is available on both android and iOS platforms. It also gives you features like timers, voice assistant support, scheduling power, energy monitoring, and more. With the Zeb Home app, you can control your devices & appliances from anywhere in the world. Support appliances like TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, Geysers, Lamps & more. Seamless integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

WiFi Smart Plug
The smart plug is engineered to work as a smart companion to assist you in operating various electronic appliances. This plug features an easy installation that is assisted through Ambrane Smartlife App. This smart plug is suitable for working with small to medium-size electrical appliances as it features a rated power of 10W. Ambrane Wi-Fi Smart plug promotes smart living – turning a normal home into a smart one. This product works with home appliances and changes them into a smart device allowing them to be controlled remotely. It has voice control, timer to set the timer according to your comfort level for an automatic turn on/off and you can be anywhere in the world and still be able to control the home appliances just by having the Ambrane Smart Life App. With Ambrane’s device sharing option, your loved ones too can access the control, share the control of devices with the dear ones just by a click. This app is a one-stop-shop for operating multiple devices.

Heavy Duty Smart Plug Socket
These small devices turn any regular light or appliance into a smart appliance that can be controlled by an app or voice assistant. HomeMate WiFi Heavy Duty Smart Plug Socket allows you to create customized schedules for your appliances so that they run on your schedule. You’ll find that automating your devices will help streamline your daily routine for a more efficient household. Provide you with perfect intelligence control solutions for your home or workplace. Perfect For Geysers, AC, Motors, Microwave, Washing Machine, Heaters, Heavy Appliances, etc. You can track the power consumption of appliances on mobile apps and take control of your electricity bills. By downloading the “Smart Life” app to your smartphone, you can control this device wherever you are at any time. When you have gone out and forgot to turn off the lights, do not worry, with our smart plug you can On/Off with “Smart Life” APP. Wherever you go, the smart plug is under your control. Open the app at any time to check if the room appliance is turned off/on. Smart life is so simple. No Hub or monthly fees required.

Smart Mini Wi-Fi Plug
Syska smart Wi-Fi plug is a smart device that can be controlled through voice assistants like amazon Alexa & Google assistant. Turn devices on/off with the smart home mobile. Mwp 003 smart plug is suitable for small and mid-appliances with its 16amp capacity. Plugin, sit back and relax. The Syska smart Wi-Fi plug is set to usher convenience in your life. With just one click through Syska smart home app, you can control any connected device. It comes with a timer feature that allows you to schedule the connected device via the app. The plug makes sure your device doesn’t get overheated and prevents it by maintaining its temperature limit. The plug is enabled to monitor energy consumption via the app. The app collects and shows data of any device ever connected with the Syska smart Wi-Fi plug.

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