Some Roles of an Employment Lawyer

Employment-related matters such as sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, wage and hour issues, medical leave issues, workplace health &safety often cause disputes between employees and employers. Such problems might require an employee or employer to seek the service or advice of an employment attorney. 

If you need advice about an employment-related matter or are involved in a dispute with your former employer or current, it is advisable to contact an experienced employment lawyer such as employment lawyer Barrie. An employment-related conflict is likely that the employer you plan to take legal action against is more experienced and has more resources than you. In such of situation, the odds are stacked against you. Thus, you should seek the counsel of an experienced employment lawyer.

Hiring a reputable employment law firm can be a tedious task, from what to look for in the attorney to get one. If you wish to hire an employment attorney, you should pay attention to;

  • The lawyer’s skill level, the lawyer’s knowledge of employment law
  • The lawyer’s experience
  • The lawyer’s fee structure. 

You should always hire lawyers familiar with your unique issue on account of their experience as employment attorneys.

Employment attorneys offer a variety of services to both employers and employees. The following are some roles of employment lawyers:

Explanation of Rights

An employment lawyer will explain your rights as a client; This includes defining the applicable employment laws applicable to your case and the available options. The options may consist of; mediation, litigation, negotiation, or other options. An attorney will also explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option and advise on the best way forward.


Employment lawyers help in employment-related lawsuits. The attorneys represent employees in a lawsuit against their employer in case of;

  • Wrongful termination
  • Workplace Discrimination 
  • Hour claims
  • Denied benefits and wage 

On the flip side, they will defend employers facing such lawsuits. Employers may also file suits against employees if, for example, the employee violates confidentiality agreements. Some claims that employment attorneys assist in include:

Assists clients to comply with relevant laws

One vital task the attorneys do is to assist clients in remaining compliant with employment laws. The lawyers can also help employers in knowing their obligations when complying with OSHA guidelines is concerned. Additionally, employment attorneys defend employers before government boards and agencies.

Filing of Complaint

There are usually claims filed with government agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission before an employee can take private action in most employment law issues. Employment lawyers can help employees file complaints with the right agency and advice on the time limit you make a claim.

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