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Space startups need to focus on applications, says ISRO chairman

Speaking at the India International Convention and Expo Centre in Delhi, The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman S Somanath said that he believes Indian space startups require knowledge transfer from the government body to help them build scalable application-centric business models.

Reported by The Print, Somanath said, “The challenge that we have in front of us is that the knowledge that we have in ISRO needs to be transferred to the industry. Over the last 50 years, a certain amount of skill and capability has been developed at ISRO in terms of designing and making things.”

Additionally, Somanath referred to the limitations of ISRO’s knowledge base saying that the organisation does not know how to build a business model, and that space startups will likely have to focus on applications that could be useful for the common man to grow in the private market.

In particular, Somanath said the country does not need more startups working on launch vehicles and satellite manufacturing. This knowledge can be transferred. In fact, it is currently being shared.

“The transfer of knowledge from ISRO to the industry is already happening. Many of our retired colleagues are already mentors of various startups and are helping them to go further,” he said. 

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