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Spinny collaborates with 1MG labs for providing on the spot RT-PCR test

Online pre-owned car retailing platform Spinny has collaborated with 1MG Labs for providing an on-the-spot RT-PCR test facility, the company said on Monday.

Under the partnership, Spinny will provide delivery trucks, used to deliver cars to its customers, to 1MG Labs to conduct speedy on-the-spot drive-through collections in some sectors of Gurgaon and at select locations in Delhi and Bengaluru, the release said.

Spinny also said it is supporting 1MG labs in organising sample collections on the spot as per ICMR guidelines and reports within 36 hours as per subsidised and government-approved rates.

The company said that anybody experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms can avail of sampling at these select locations, starting Monday.

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The need of the hour is to be there, on the road, in plain sight and aid the country’s diagnostics and healthcare system. Also, driving to a test centre in one’s personal car is comparatively less riskier than visiting a more crowded space, at this juncture, said Niraj Singh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Spinny.

In another development, Technology firm Honeywell today said that it will be setting up COVID-19 care centres and critical care facilities across five states.

The company has partnered with the governments of Maharashtra, Delhi, Haryana, Karnataka and Uttarakhand to help tackle the ongoing pandemic.

As part of this initiative, Honeywell said it is also donating 1,000 oxygen concentrators, 50 ventilators, 10,000 N95 respirators, and 2,500 personal protective equipment (PPE) kits to various government and private hospitals.

Honeywell has engaged the Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society (SEEDS), a leading not-for-profit organisation, to build the COVID-19 care centres, which are being handed over to the government to operate and maintain.

The COVID care centres are equipped with beds, oxygen supply, PPE kits, medical consumables, and basic medical infrastructure to treat non-critical patients.

Honeywell and SEEDS have set up 20-bed COVID care centres each in Delhi, Pune, Gurugram, and Nainital, the statement said.

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