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Starting a brand new business? You must have this!

Starting a brand new business? You must have this!

If you are just starting your own business there are countless things you need to arrange and order. Recognizability is the key to success. Then the question arises: how do I make myself recognizable? You can do this by using different products. There are a large number of products that can be used to obtain recognition. In fact, it is mainly about people seeing your brand often and therefore recognizing it. Which products can you use to get recognition in an organic and natural way? Below are a number of items that you can use to increase brand recognition.

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Work out your ideas and make a plan!

Once you have an idea, you probably immediately want to run enthusiastically to the Chamber of Commerce. Do not! First, work out your ideas and make a plan. It really doesn’t have to be down to the last detail, but first investigate whether the idea has a chance of success. Points to take into account are:

  • Income Stream: How are you going to monetize your business? What do you sell? What amount do you ask (approximately) for your products/services? How much can you have left minus all costs and the tax you have to pay?
  • Cost: How much money does it cost to start up your business? And how much to keep it going? And how are you going to pay for it all? Out of your own pocket? Or do you need to look for investors?
  • Target audience: Who is interested in your company? How large is this group of interested parties? Is it enough to keep your business running?
  • Value proposition: What makes your company valuable? What makes it different from similar companies? And how can your company (people) help with something?
  • Sales channels: How will you market your product or service? Internet? Through a physical store? And what do you need for brand recognition?
  • Activities: What activities do you have to perform for the company? What activities can you do yourself? And for which activities do you need help/staff?

Be seen as often as possible

Try to be seen as often as possible by your target group. As a company you can pay for brand recognition, this is also called paid media. So you pay for advertising, you buy it as it were. Then there is also earned media, this means that you as a company do not have to pay directly for the awareness. Of course this sounds like music to every company’s ears, but it is not that easy. There are many examples of brands that have done this. One product that fits in well with this is clothing. If you as a company make your own clothes or, just for fun, print a few items of clothing and let your employees wear them, this is also a form of earned media. For example, as a company you can print a sweater (translation: sweater bedrukken) and distribute it to your employees. When employees wear your clothing outside of work hours, with your company name or logo on it, you are also using earned media. Another example of earned media is when a company reposts your post on social media. You do not pay for this brand recognition, but it ensures that you are seen more often.

Pass it out!

One of the best ways to be remembered by your target audience is to give away something that reminds them of your company. If you give away products that you can easily take with you, the target group will always have a reminder of your company in their pocket. So hand out items that you can take with you in pocket size, such as business cards, folding cards and leaflets. Flyers can be printed (translation: folders drukken) in a small format that is easy to carry, so your target group can always carry it with them. Brochure printing is also very inexpensive, because the process has been standardized over the years to such an extent that it costs almost nothing.

With these tips, you can be sure that you are off to a good start as a starter. This is a small base, more research and depth is required to start a business. Always look closely at which products fit your target market and get you the best brand recognition.

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