Starting a Business in Switzerland

Switzerland is home to some of the largest multinational companies in the world. The country ranks as one of the best countries with attractive business culture.  With a high concentration of Fortune 500 companies, high average salaries for employees, and an environment for business growth, it is understandable why you would want to start a company here.

By bringing your business to Switzerland, you join over 580,000 registered companies, of which 5% are multinational businesses. The good thing is, you will not struggle with finding the right talent to hire. For starters, the country is home to some of the world’s best universities, which means you will get top talent from various fields, including technology, science, and medicine. However, you can’t start a business in Switzerland unless you are a Swiss citizen, have a Swiss legal entity, a resident, or have a Swiss citizen partner.

If you are not any of the above, you can still start a business after fulfilling specific requirements.

Requirements for Citizens of the EU/EFTA Countries

Citizens from the EU and EFTA benefit from the Agreement of Free Movement of Persons. This means that they do not require a C permit or have their residence in Switzerland to start a business. However, they must obtain a B permit that is valid for five years. Other documents they must provide include:

  • Commercial register entry
  • VAT number
  • A business plan
  • Bank account
  • Social insurance proof

Requirements for Citizens from non-EU or EFTA Countries

If you are a citizen from other countries other than those under EU or EFTA and want to benefit from the flourishing Switzerland business market, you must meet standards set by the country’s labor law. There are three ways to do this.

  • Get married to a Swiss citizen
  • Get married to someone holding a C permit
  • Or get the C permit which permits you to be self-employed in Switzerland

Instead of going through all this, there is a better option.

Work With a Local Network

Although starting a business in Switzerland sounds easy in writing, it is much more complicated. You can’t manage by yourself. You’ll need a local partner that understands the business market, local regulations and knows how to operate a business in the country. That’s where RISTER Sàrl fiduciary company comes in. working with this company gives you a soft landing. The company has been operational for several years, giving them enough skills, knowledge, and expertise to help you set up a company in Switzerland.

The company provides you with a resident director in Switzerland as a requirement that at least one person in your company must be a Swiss resident. The director will help with the formation of a new company, including ensuring that your business meets all legal requirements. It’s important to note that the director will only deal with the business’s administrative aspect while you deal with the operational aspect. This means that the director will not take over your company or how you want to run your money as long as it is legal.

Besides creation and administration of a company, RISTER Sàrl fiduciary company will help you achieve other things such as:

  •  Hold your company to the ground by finding a network related to your business

RISTER years of expertise enable them to look for your right business partners in the shortest time possible. That way, your business hit the ground running.

  • Perform tax administration, declaration, and handle other accounting services

There is a certain way you should handle accounting services in Switzerland. Yet, you might not know all the details. Business support can help you address these services.

  • Manage human resources services

A resident director will also handle human resources management services such as filling a work permit form and getting the necessary business permits, work out salaries as per the minimum wage requirements in Switzerland, employee’s skills and experience and help in the hiring process.

  • Handle insurance management

The government of Switzerland supports foreign business investors as it promotes competitiveness and innovation. Furthermore, lack of enough funds shouldn’t hinder you from reaching your goal as the country has several investors willing to partner with foreign entrepreneurs. Once you find a profitable niche to venture into, find business support.

A company such as RISTER Sàrl fiduciary company will help you in the preliminary stages of setting up a business, including creation and formation, finding your network or clients, handling the administrative assignment, managing human resource duties, and much more. Even after you achieve your goal and want to quit the market, the company will still help you dissolve, liquidate and complete other legal requirements. With their years of expertise, you won’t help but smile about the results you’ll get several weeks after establishing your business in Switzerland.

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