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Stylish accessories to give your car an instant upgrade- Technology News, FP

Adding a touch more personality to your car

This door guard is made from ABS(Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) to protect your car door from scratches and dents caused by accidents. This material is known for its impact resistance, structural strength and stiffness, chemical resistance, and excellent high and low-temperature performance. The edge-guard can conform to the curvature of the car door and adheres to the metal with the help of strong adhesive tape. The door guard has a premium finish and adds a touch of class to any car. Buy it to ensure your car door gets that extra bit of protection on busy, chaotic streets.

Take Pride in Your Ride

This door guard is made from strong, durable PVC and rubber that fits your car’s edges and curves with ease. It features a 46 x 6 x 4cm black rubber bumper guard, accented with chrome stips. They come in a set of four protectors and can be fitted on the front or rear bumper. Worried about the installation? There’s nothing to it, peel the double tape sticker and fix it on any part of your car. It can be used as a car bumper guard or as a car door guard, giving you mounting options. Buy it to prevent those annoying dings when parking in tight spaces.

For the machine, you love

Installation of this door edge-guard is a simple process on any car door. The design is sporty with the two-tone color and glossy finish adding mega style points to any car. We found the adhesive tape that adheres the guard to your car door to be super sticky and bonds firmly with metal. However, make sure the surface you plan to stick the door guard on is clean and dry to ensure the best adhesion possible. We found the design to suit most luxury and sports cars, protecting those expensive paint jobs just got a little bit easier.

Performance without compromise

Are you worried about accidentally dinging your car door while opening it in tight parking spaces or anywhere else? Then this door guard is for you. This door guard protects your car doors from minor scratches and dents in tight spots. White with a high gloss finish, these door guards are suitable for any size car. The door guards measure 15 x 10 x 5cm, proving that much-needed protection at that very susceptible door edge. If you are in the market for a door protector, then look no further than this product.

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