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Sumukhi Suresh on navigating the content world with her hilarious shows and bold scripts

From making everyone laugh with her stand-ups and sketches to unleashing creativity in the show Pushpavalli on Amazon Prime, Sumukhi Suresh has established herself as a successful comedian and creator. This is a creator who does it all- acting, writing, comedy, content creations and more.

In a recent conversation with YS’s Influencers Inc, Sumukhi speaks about her exciting journey as a creator, and how it all started with her working in Bangalore at a food lab and then running a bakery. At the time, Sumukhi was doing comedy as a hobby only and then decided to take it up full time.

“It has taken me to an extremely interesting point where I am now hopefully going to take my skills and put it into a space where people are going to find work with it, enjoy it and get influenced,” she says.

Sumukhi Suresh

In terms of content planning, she shares that her basic plan for putting out content on Instagram is just having fun – she loves reels, trends and everything associated with it. Additionally, for writing a particular premise , she says she brings together writers to brainstorm.

“If you have a premise that can last for two months then it’s a good show and if it doesn’t then it’s a standup premise or a sketch,” says Sumukhi.

Sumukhi is proud of Motormouth, the content company she started with the aim of writing shows, movies and stories with flawed female characters. “They will be real, they will be honest, and they will be hilarious,” she says. Presently, Motormouth is working on eight projects out of which four have been commissioned with the rest in the incubation period. The team also has plans to do brand content.

Commenting on the monetisation aspect of content creation, she shares that as a standup comedian, she is very relatable to the audience so monetising content through brands becomes easier for her. Five-years down the line, Sumukhi wants to see herself playing the lead in a few good shows and write at least two specials.

“I can’t wait to become a grandmother and say the worst things ever because, you can’t cancel a grandmother, so I am very excited about that,” she quips in her characteristic jovial style.

In the rapid-fire round of the interview, Sumukhi spoke about her love for ice cream, her favourite content creators and more about where she gets that great sense of humour.

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