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Surge protectors to keep all your devices from harm- Technology News, FP

Travel the world, always connected

This universal plug is a useful electrical accessory that helps you connect two electrical appliances to a single socket. It comes with Indian and international points, so you have no hassles connecting Indian or international electronic devices. This adapter comes with a surge protector that stabilizes the flow of electricity to your devices by blocking unwanted spikes in voltage. Got little toddlers with sticky fingers! This adapter comes with a safety shutter to prevent the entry of little fingers into the socket points. Buy this to use anywhere in the world.

A world travelers best friend

Constructed out of PVC, this travel adapter is built to last. PVC’s abrasion resistance, lightweight, good mechanical strength, and toughness are key technical advantages for its use in the construction of household appliances. The adapter supports various types of plugs, most notable type A that is supported in the U.S., type G largely used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, and type C which is common throughout Europe. This travel adapter supports the connection of 3 devices, helping you get the most out of a single electric point. Buy it to help capture memories of your many journeys.

Stay powered, anywhere

This 3 pin Travel Adaptor is designed to work on a wide range of plug types. The adaptor comes with an option to plug in 3 different devices at the same time, helping you cut down on messy, tangled wires running through the house. This adapter is well built and should last a lifetime if treated with appropriate care. The white-colored front-facing panel of the adapter matches the color of most electric sockets, blending in and keeping the aesthetics clean. An LED light indicates its power supply and working status. Made for the busy world traveler, this adapter is a must-have.

Powering your devices, safely

This multi-plug is your perfect travel companion, compact it can be carried anywhere with ease. This 3 pin travel plug allows you to use your international as well as regional devices at a single electric point. It has a built-in surge protector to protects your electronic devices from electrical short circuits and absorbs minor surges in the voltage, giving you peace of mind especially as laptops, cameras, and smartphones do not come cheap. The adapter is rated for 220/240 volts, making it compatible with the voltage running in most parts of the world. Buy it to run multiple devices, anywhere in the world you land.

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