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Technologies That Benefit E-Commerce Businesses


Technological advancements can greatly affect online businesses because they already exist on the internet. When you want to keep your website competitive, you should keep tabs on trends so you can use them to make your customers’ experiences more enjoyable and intuitive. Read on to discover technologies that benefit e-commerce businesses.


When people have questions about products or your business’s policies, they want answers fast. Traditionally, you would need to answer questions on the phone or in emails and social media messages. However, it can be hard for you and your employees to keep up with every inquiry that comes in. Chatbots lighten the load by giving immediate responses to customers. They’re software programs that appear as message boxes on your site. People can send a message when they have questions. Unlike human workers, chatbots remain active around the clock.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a broad category of technology. Its main function is to personalize the shopping experience for customers. It does this by tracking customer activity and then inferring what people may be interested in. AI can then show customers support information, advertisements, and recommendations based on this information. From the customers’ perspective, they won’t have irrelevant content bombarding them, and they may even find out about new products that they want to try out.

Augmented Reality

One emerging technology that benefits e-commerce businesses is augmented reality. Augmented reality enhances the real world with virtual features. In the context of an online store, it can allow customers to try on clothing products virtually or see what furniture pieces would look like standing in their homes. Usually, this is possible by using smartphone cameras. Augmented reality gives e-commerce customers a better picture of what they’re considering for purchase even though they can’t actually touch the products until they’re delivered. It also makes the process of finding and purchasing items more fun.

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