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‘Technology is now at the core of this new normal’ – 35 quotes of the week on digital transformation

Launched in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week. This special series of quotes focus on the increasing impact of digital media in India and around the world (see the previous post here). Share these 35 gems and insights with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights.

One of the biggest plus points that OTT platforms offer is good quality global content and accessibility. – Taarun V Jain, Legend Group

Today, there is so much content that is pushed to consumers that as a brand, it becomes difficult to know the impact it has had on their mind. – Abhishek Agarwal, Rockstud Capital

It is even more important to serve the right content to the right person at the right time. And that makes for a hard ML/AI problem. – Gaurav Mishra, ShareChat

Monetisation is a critical need for digital content players. – Anup Kuruvilla, 1Crowd

Social networks with a location element become even more powerful for commerce. – Naren Kumar, IamHere

There is an upheaval in the way people consume social media today not just for entertainment but also for conversations. – Vikas Malpani, Leher App

Social selling is here to stay and everybody is already doing it. – Rishi Varma, Akamai Technologies

People do not invest based on brokerage reports or fundamentals. They talk and then buy. – Ajay Lakhotia, StockGro

Today, the younger, discerning customers look at online content, product ratings, and reviews, thereby actively participating in purchase decisions. – Bharat Kalia, Lifelong Online


The right to affordable and dignified travel is fundamental to human existence and development. – Prashant Kumar, Zingbus

Having experience stores helps in conversions. – Raghunandan Saraf, Saraf Furniture

One of the biggest boons of innovation and adoption of cutting-edge technology is an improved and synchronised customer targeting. – Avinash Raghav, Shift Freight

Beauty as a segment is huge, with the online component being small so far. – Vikram Gupta, IvyCap

There is a huge demand for services beyond just CRM, ERP, or BI tools. – Srikanth Sundararajan, Ventureast

There is a need for differentiated content with a focus on both regional and global perspectives. – Rana Daggubati, Channel South Bay

Technological disruption has brought education institutes face-to-face with Digital Darwinism. – Sandeep Chawda, Pentathlon Ventures

The edtech sector isn’t a winner takes all market. – Prateek Shukla, Masai School

Today, if we have people coming online and knowing the advantages of a very efficient learning system, it is because they are self-disciplined. – Ashutosh Kumar, Testbook

As per estimates, 5th-grade kids in rural India aren’t able to read at even 2nd-grade level. – Karthik Muralidharan, UC San Diego


India is a tech-driven nation and provides tech services to the whole world. – Sigal Atzmon, Medix Global

As one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, India’s digital ecosystem is at an inflection point. – James Fitzgerald, Valar Ventures

With a median age of 28.1, lower than most developing and developed nations, India will also likely lead the tech consumption bandwagon of the future. – Amit Srivastava, Nutrify India

India is home to the world’s largest and most energetic sports fan base, with a dynamic mix that is unique to the subcontinent. – Gopi Vaddi, TCV

Tier-II+ grocery is a very large opportunity, which has remained untapped because of unique challenges that traditional ecommerce models have struggled to address. – Akarsh Shrivastava, Elevation Capital

The majority of growth for video platforms is going to come from Tier II and III cities. – Rohonesh Kar, Akamai


Indian fintech is going to change the way the world looks at us, just like what Indian BPOs did three decades back. – Venkatesh Panchapagesan, NSRCEL

The financial market education industry in India is very unstructured and fragmented. – Vinay Pagaria, Elearnmarkets

With an addressable market size of 200 million teenagers and young adults, the youth-focused neo-banking space is in a nascent stage at the moment but is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years, driven by high demand from teenagers and parents. – Mukund Rao, FinOne Technologies

Financial services and inclusion are a large, underserved market. The scope of technology and the way it can transform small and medium merchants is vast. – Sachin Arora, Chqbook

A large population in India and worldwide lacks efficient coverage of primary healthcare. Cutting-edge innovations have the potential to transform the primary healthcare landscape in India. – Taslimarif Saiyed, C-CAMP

Despite India being the second-largest producer of silk globally, the industry is still unorganised and in urgent need of technology interventions across the supply chain. – Subhadeep Sanyal, Omnivore


The Netherlands is a stellar example of effective AI adoption in agriculture. With just a small arable land, the country has become the world’s second-largest exporter of agricultural products by value, leveraging technology and AI. – Debjani Ghosh, NASSCOM

Technology is changing at such a rapid pace and so are skills required to be employable. – Bipin Shah, Titan Capital

Digitisation of SMBs is an irreversible trend. – Mridul Arora, Elevation Capital

The growing importance of technology, analysis, war room strategies, and surveys has resulted in politicians across parties making a beeline for technocrats. – Utkarsh Anand, Digital Minds

We are witnessing an unprecedented and transformative shift in the way we work, with artificial intelligence changing how people, processes, and technology interact for productivity gains. – Ankit Kumar Agrawal, NeoDove

The way we live, work, learn, and play has been transformed, and technology is now at the core of this new normal. – Vivasvan Shastri, Cisco

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