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The stars are aligning for astrotech

The year 2020 left people all over the world asking a lot of basic and complex questions, but perhaps, the most confounding of them all was this simple existential ask – what lies ahead? 

Nobody knew the answer, and since the human mind is averse to uncertainty, we searched away. Not just in scientific labs and virtual conferences, but also through celestial bodies. And so it came to be, that besides ecommerce and edtech, astrotech also saw a mighty rise amidst the pandemic. A rise that was most unprecedented.

All through 2020, the astrology space was brimming with everyday articles, new insights, and tools being devoured by ardent followers. Powering these offerings were the latest tools in the tech space – Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice-based services. Here are five astrotech-driven platforms that are transforming the astrology space – promising answers at your fingertips!



Astrotalk is a technology-driven astrology startup based out of Delhi. It was started in 2017 by Puneet Gupta, a techie, who never believed in astrology. But after certain emotional turbulence, his faith became stronger because somebody predicted that he would go through a rough patch. Today, the startup is bringing both astrologers and consumers together on its tech platform. One can get predictions related to love life, marriage, career, etc. The startup claims its key focus since the beginning has been maintaining the privacy of its customers.



It is one of the fastest-growing and most trusted online community of experts in the domain of Astrology and spiritual science. Being an aggregator, the platform leverages technology to provide traditional services including online consultation with experienced astrologers for career, personal and financial guidance, tarot readers, numerologists, vastu and Fengshui experts, to help people across the world find guidance, direction, and happiness in their life.

Ganesha Speaks

Astrology is a pioneer in more ways than one. Initiated in the year 2003 with a definitive vision, the aim, and the vision of the company is to streamline a scattered, direction-less astrology market, based on astrology and allied subjects for entertainment, learning and planning one’s life. With their own modern hi-tech studio, they generate astrology content for syndication.



Astrosage is one of the largest astrology portals in the world. It provides astrology software in cloud, discussions with astrologers, Kundli reports, gemstones, rudraksha, and much more. Astrosage has proficient practitioners in the fields of Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot Reading, Chinese Astrology, Horary, Reiki Healing, Vastu, Vedic Astrology, KP System, and Feng Shui.



Launched in 2018, AstroBuddy set out to popularise science-based astrological practices as opposed to propagating conventional stereotypes that tied astrology with religion. It wanted to “change the image” of an astrologer. AstroBuddy offers services like free daily, monthly, and yearly horoscopes; free birth charts (kundalis); matchmaking (based on planetary positions); traditional Panchang; and personalised on-the-go problem-solving on topics such as relationships, marriage, career, finances, children, health, and lifespan.

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