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The Startup Magazine 6 Reasons To Set Up A Virtual B2B Event For Your Clients

Virtual events have not always been as essential as they currently are, but many businesses already reaped the benefits of online conferencing long before it started to become the norm. Most people are used to face-to-face meetings, so it’s understandable how making the transition to hosting them online can sometimes be a struggle. B2B events are unique in the opportunities they provide for companies in many different departments. Whether your company is still contemplating the option or has already started making preparations for switching to online events, it’s never too late to discover the advantages of virtual conferencing.

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Incorporating virtual B2B events into your business strategy can offer multifold benefits. Nowadays, we face a universal set of circumstances that requires companies to do most of their assignments online.

It was only a few short years ago that online conferencing was considered unique to the technology industry. However, virtual events have found their role across many business sectors, and for good reasons. Keep on reading to discover why it might be a good idea for you, too, to incorporate virtual events into your schedule.

Make Sure You Get to Know the Decision-Makers in the Company

Virtual events can be an excellent opportunity to get the attention of people in vital roles. Unlike their traditional counterparts, virtual events don’t require as much time or organization for the attendants. Usually, the people you would ideally want to be present at your event are preoccupied with other assignments. However, if you’re equipped with a few solid virtual event ideas, getting the chief decision-makers to your event shouldn’t be a problem. Not requiring physical presence can go a long way in getting the attention of those busy, important people.

Cut Down on Costs

The organization of physical B2B events can be a demanding task. Regardless of the event size, a physical presence not being required calls for other assignments relating to the event and the comfort of both hosts and attendants. Spending money on the event hall, brochures and other items can prove quite costly, not to mention the commute expenses. Hosting and attending virtual events, on the other hand, would cost both parties next to nothing.

Embrace the Opportunity for Cross-Sale

Service-based businesses, particularly those with a subscription-based model, often use B2B events to introduce upgrades to their existing services. By removing the pressure to make decisions on the spot, companies can make more cross-sales on virtual events than physical ones. Attending the event wherever they choose, potential clients are more comfortable exploring additional purchasing options.

Cultivate Your Database

B2B events have always been an ideal opportunity for networking and exchanging contacts. By hosting a virtual event instead of a regular one, you can develop your database in a much more efficient manner. Gathering information is much less intrusive and usually completely automated at a virtual event, unlike at a physical get-together.

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Automating the contact-acquisition process is of tremendous help if you want to keep your database updated with fresh leads. Furthermore, segmenting your database and targeting can help turn those leads into future customers. Nowadays, some BI tools like Zoominfo can help you on the database front, so if you compare the ZoomInfo pricing with other means of acquiring contacts, you will see why conducting business online is much more efficient.

Showcase Your Expertise

Businesses have used B2B events to get in touch with their clients, communicate relevant issues and expand their circle of contacts. Some of the main reasons most people avoid B2B events are the long hours in commute and the uncomfortable sitting positions while struggling to focus on the event content. However, virtual conferencing can bypass all of that and give a better platform for companies to showcase their expertise.

Use the Event for Content Generation

B2B events used to be exclusive, and the main reason for that is the limited capacity of event halls. Recorded online events and lectures are of much higher quality than documented physical events. Considering the valuable information shared on such meetings, many companies decide to include a recorded version of the online event for later reference. Additionally, they can also use the online event for their content calendar or sell it as an item.


B2B conferencing and events are an integral component of the processes companies conduct business with, and we can confidently say that it is also key to success. Online events offer many advantages over physical ones, so it’s no wonder they are becoming the preferred mode of communication.

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Even if it weren’t for factors like pandemics that made online conferences a necessity rather than a luxury, the world of B2B events had already started to move in that direction. Some of us might have thought virtual events were just another fad, but people have started to discover the conveniences associated with them can even outperform traditional events.

Online events enjoy a much higher rate of attendance than physical events, and therefore produce better results for companies on many levels. No matter the size of your business, incorporating virtual events can be a key element in increasing revenue and surpassing the competition.

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