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The Startup Magazine 6 Trends that are Shaping How Female Entrepreneurs Look and Dress Today

The business world was always dictated by strong impressions and appearances, so it is really no wonder that as time went we got a pretty good idea about what the so-called ‘corporate look’ should be like and how it was used to inspire the impression of strength, confidence, professionalism, and overall value.

Still, the times are changing and the present-day entrepreneurs feel much more open to expressing their personal styles and qualities rather than following these uniform patterns. We are also seeing a very welcome influx of more ladies in the business that are also doing a great job of breaking the traditional stereotype of how one entrepreneur should look like.

But, are all these factors giving birth to some new style the female entrepreneurs could type into to inspire greater confidence in their peers? Let us try to find out.

Being casual is the key

Business leaders these days are all about being casual and this trait very often translates into their dress style. And, to be quite honest, casual wear does present an excellent foundation for all other small personal touches you are going to introduce. it allows you to utilize some very elegant pieces without putting you on heels, it tells people around you that you take great care of your look but put comfort and personal wellbeing in the first place, and that you are a flexible person that is ready both for taxing meetings as well as a cup of coffee at some chic café. And the style is neutral enough to allow additional tweaks.

Keeping it simple

Entrepreneurs use their clothing to send some messages about their personality. But, no matter what you are trying to send out there, trying too hard will make you seem desperate and begging for attention. So, pick the style you want to go for, but from that point on, keep things as simple as possible. Most present-day female entrepreneurs will choose to put on a simple turtleneck, pastel loose-fitting shirt, wide linen pants, or, if the opportunity allows, classic denim jeans. All these pieces look the best when they are unburdened with needless details, look elegant, and practically eliminate decision fatigue.

Everyday pieces picking up steam

In one of the previous sections, we mentioned that modern entrepreneurs nurture a very natural look that makes them appear more human and open to collaboration. This trend can, to no small extent, be attributed to the greater use of everyday casual pieces like for instance women’s work jackets. Appearing at work in one of such pieces will send the message that you are an active person who has a life outside the workplace. In some cases like outdoor events, elegant everyday pieces also make a better pick than trying too hard to preserve the ‘corporate’ look. As long as they look good everyday pieces are a sure hit.

Rising sport influences

Only a couple of years, walking into a meeting in a pair of sneakers would raise more than a couple of eyebrows. But, casual wear is becoming more and more acceptable even in the rigid business environment and, on the other hand, no one can deny the fact that simple, stylish sneakers make a killer combination with jeans, casual blazers loose pants, and even maxi dresses. If you want to push this idea of athleisure even further you can try to throw into the mix even the pieces like a cropped hoodie. But, keep in mind that some of these casual pieces need to be balanced out with some more conservative picks.

Fashionista trends becoming mainstream

This trend is not only present in the world of entrepreneurship. People are becoming savvier in the way they pick their attire and how they present themselves and some picks that were, until recently, saved only for hard-core fashionistas are now safely breaking into the mainstream. So, it is only expected for these sensibilities to spill over into the corporate environment as well. Because of that, more women feel encouraged to experiment with bolder choices like mini handbags, ankle boots, leather jackets, baker boy hats, slip dresses combined with casualwear, puffy sleeves, and similar. Don’t be afraid to tag along.

Accessories used for breaking the pattern

Finally, we would like to point out that, even though the corporate world is rapidly turning into a very accepting environment where old traditions and dress codes are dying out the corporate etiquette still dictates a lot of guidelines the ladies in the industry need to work around. This gives various accessories a new relevance since they allow women to express their personal style and break up the pattern set by the rest of the attire without completely subverting the set rules. As long as they make a sensible match in terms of color or overall style these attention-drawing accessories can come in any shape, size, or form.

We hope these few examples gave you a general idea about the fashion trends that are currently dominating the world of female entrepreneurs and, hopefully, gave you a couple of tricks you can use to make your attire a bit more inspiring as well. The most important thing to remember is that, although, we are noticing some very welcome changes in terms of how we imagine the preferable corporate look, class, and style will never be replaced. So, instead of reworking this idea from the scratch, we should use these new trends to build on the good things we already had going on.

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