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The Startups That Caught Our Eye In March 2021

Inc42 brings you a curated list of 30 early-stage startups founded after 2018 and now on the road to success

These startups are making a mark in the market with their unique business models and product offerings

In this month’s list, 7 out of the 30 startups cater to agricultural supply chains and 6 cater to SMEs seeking to digitise their businesses

It has been a year since the Covid-19 pandemic shook the world, disrupting lives and livelihoods, businesses and national economies. There has been a silver lining, though. Emerging pain points are getting addressed by all-new, extremely agile startups that came into being in the midst of a global crisis and catered to the evolving needs of people and businesses trying to cope with the new normal. Shutdowns happened, but what intrigued us most were the timely pivots by the ‘war veterans’ to rise above the crisis and the bold leaps of faith by those building new or niche solutions for the new-to-the-internet ‘next billion’.

30 Startups To Watch: March 2021

This month, our list of early-stage startups focusses on ‘enablers’, those white knights with innovative business ideas who are helping farmers, small and medium businesses (SMBs), and even big enterprises work smarter. Most of the startups listed here offer SaaS solutions for a diverse range of problems, right from a sericulture-focussed supply chain to AI assessments of students to business enhancements and much more. 

As we complete a year of the pandemic that disrupted life as we knew it, the startups in our watchlist reflect many changes in consumer and business demands that we have observed over the past year. Some of these startups have reimagined their business solutions in the past 12 months now offer digital- and app-friendly services for traditional companies still struggling to adopt tech-driven frameworks for better growth and greater sustainability. 

The increasing concerns regarding health and the environment have pushed agritech startups to the front row as they are developing smart supply chains, preventing food spoilage and ensuring food provenance. In fact, seven startups in this watchlist are doing all these and more. 

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