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The Startups That Caught Our Eye In May 2021

Inc42 brings you a curated list of 30 early-stage startups set up after 2018 that are disrupting the way businesses used to operate

In our 16th edition, we have looked at startups that are addressing major pain points across fintech, SaaS, edtech and HRtech to help businesses and individuals cope with the second surge of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns

We have listed six fintech platforms trying to address niche financial requirements and five HR and edtech platforms helping students and jobseekers find the best and most convenient learning and employment opportunities

The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic may have slowed down, but it is certainly not over yet. Lockdowns across states have been extended and stringent measures have been implemented as the nation tries to cope with the unprecedented medical crisis.

As we sat down to shortlist the startups for May, we wanted to highlight a number of upcoming companies whose products and services are geared towards the scenario generally mentioned as the new normal. Such solutions are most suitable for ecosystems under lockdown and restricted access. 

However, due to the uncertainty triggered by the pandemic in all aspects of life and the never-ending struggle to keep their teams safe, a few startups could not interact with us on time. But to keep the tradition alive, we have decided to go ahead with 25 innovative startups while keeping the space for five more. The idea is to include them as and when they can respond to us, and we will keep updating the list. 

30 Startups To Watch: May 2021

In May, we have taken a deep dive into early-stage startups whose solutions help people and businesses thrive in spite of the pandemic’s onslaught. Unlike 2020, the current phase of the pandemic-induced lockdowns has not yet led to massive job losses and pay cuts. But the long-term impact of death and destruction cannot be gauged right now. Businesses and individuals alike have been displaced and are looking for a fresh start. So we have looked at companies that can help us do just that.

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