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[The Turning Point] How an accident influenced this entrepreneur to start healthtech startup Tattvan

Back in 2008, Ayush Mishra met with an accident in his hometown Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. Unable to get the required treatment on time, Ayush realised how broken the healthcare services were back home. He saw a huge gap in the healthcare segment and how small towns are underserved as compared to metro cities.

With a desire to solve this problem, Ayush, a Biotechnology engineer, launched Tattvan E-Clinic in 2017. Before starting the company, he worked with many healthcare companies for about 10 years to understand the space.

The bootstrapped healthtech startup uses telemedicine to connect doctors and specialists from reputed hospitals in big cities with people in underserved or remote areas.

Patients can visit Tattvan’s E-Clinic, which are manned by medical staff, nearest to them, discuss their symptoms with a doctor through video conferencing, and get the required treatment.

Team Tattvan

Ayush explains that patients can save both time and money as they can consult a doctor from their hometowns and visit hospitals only for advanced treatments or surgeries.

“Instead of paying for travel, boarding, and lodging, the patient now only pays for the consultation. Consulting a reputed doctor in Delhi will cost anywhere around Rs 1,000 to Rs 1500, but with the same doctor, a consultation at Tattvan E-Clinic costs Rs 600,” says Ayush. Tattvan charges a percent commission from clinics and hospitals for revenue.

Tattvans’ first e-clinic was opened in Bareilly in July 2018 and since then it has opened 65 e-clinics in places like Kashipur, Pilibhit, Rudrapur, Dehradun, and other Tier II, Tier III cities and rural areas of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, Telangana, and Maharashtra. Tattavan has also expanded globally, and its first overseas clinic was opened in Kabul, Afghanistan. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the startup has seen over 65 percent increase in teleconsultations in the last one year. There are over 500 physicians in the pool, with 300 of them being empanelled this year.

The startup has also launched a homecare Covid-19 package to assist Coronavirus affected families and patients in Tier-II and Tier-III cities. Patients who take this package can consult doctor through teleconsultation twice a day, and also get facilities like vital monitoring, Covid-related tests, and medicines until the patient tests negative.

Ayush says the startup is making consistent and persistent efforts to bridge the gap between the rural and urban healthcare systems due to the skewed patient-to-doctor ratio.

“We aim to achieve our target of setting up 500 telemedicine centers across small towns and villages at a pan India level by the end of 2021,” says Ayush.

“We will continue putting in our best to deliver high-end and timely healthcare facilities in remote areas and to achieve our target of setting up more than 500 telemedicine centers in small towns and villages across India,” he added.

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