The Ultimate Guide to Giving Your Business that Personal Touch

It may not be the first thing that a business owner considers when they launch their company, but to be as successful as possible, your business is going to need to have that personal touch – making and maintaining personal relationships with customers (and potential customers) is crucial; it’s what people are looking for when they make a purchase, and it’s what will ensure they keep coming back for more. 

Right from the start, you should have a goal of building long-lasting relationships with your customers, and the personal touch is integral to this. Read on to find out how this can be achieved. 

Give Your Customers Options 

Every one of your customers will be different, even if they do fall into the same broad target market. They will all have their own preferences regarding how they want to interact with your company and how they want to buy from you. Because of this, it can be hard to determine exactly how to give them the personal touch – there are so many options to choose from. 

The key is not to choose yourself but to let the customer choose. By showing them the options available, whether that’s in terms of how to pay, how to contact you, or even which social media channel to connect with you on, you are allowing them to personalize their own experience with you, ensuring that they are happy, and you are seen as a relatable business. 

Keep Them Informed 

Ensuring that your customers are always up to date with what is happening within your business is a key factor in giving them a personal touch. Not only can you do this through the buying process, sending them emails or texts to help them know what is happening with their specific order, but you can also do this in more general terms with a newsletter.

The newsletter will be something that customers have to agree to receive, of course, but if you make it interesting for them, answering their questions before you ask them, and giving them an insight into the more personal aspects of who you are and what your business is all about, then they will feel more connected to you and will think of you when they need to make another purchase. 

Use Your Branding 

Every business needs to have a strong brand and to achieve that, every business will need to engage a top branding agency to help them. This branding is about more than just having a nice logo and tagline that you can use on your website and your paperwork; it’s about engaging with the customer and giving them the personal touch; they are looking for. 

Your branding needs to reflect your business’s ultimate goals and aims, and it needs to resonate emotionally with your target market. If you can do this, you will give the personal touch while also reaching as many people as possible; it’s the ideal for any business owner looking to expand their business. 

Take Advantage of Social Media 

Showing that your brand is engaged with its customers and is part of your community – whether that’s local or further afield – is crucial. If you can do this, you will gain many more customers because your personal touch can be seen and utilized. 

Social media is the best way to do this. By starting a Facebook page or opening a Twitter account or creating an Instagram platform (the one or ones you choose will depend on where your target market spend most of their time, which is why market research is so important), you can directly engage in a personal way with your customers and followers. Answer their questions, enjoy their comments, show your own personality. By being more human and less corporate, you can show that the consumer is important to you, which will go a long way. 

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