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These 8 UK-based fintech startups raised funding in 2021 and are hiring right now

Due to the onslaught of the Coronavirus, millions lost their jobs globally or had their salaries deducted, as countries went into recession. The UK was one such country that officially entered into recession as its GDP slumped by 20.4 per cent in Quarter 2 (Apr to June) 2020 – the largest quarterly contraction in the UK economy since the quarterly records began in 1955. 

After a brief moment of recovery, the UK implemented strict lockdown measures again in response to concerns about new variants of the virus. This has brought upon a lot of uncertainty on the UK job market, with the ONS reporting that the UK unemployment rate for all people was 5.1 per cent, as per the October to December 2020 estimates. This was 1.3 per cent points higher than a year earlier and 0.4 percentage points higher than the previous quarter.

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However, things are not all grim as the UK startups have been quite actively raising funds this year, so that they can scale and hire. Recently we did an article for those looking for a job in tech startup ecosystem in the Netherlands. And now today, we take an in-depth look at the UK job market scene, specifically at the fintech startup ecosystem of the country.

Here’s a list of 8 UK-based fintech startups that have raised capital in 2021 for expansion and are hiring fresh talents right now. If you’re in the UK and looking for a job, check out this list and spread the word.

Certain details of these startups such as founders’ names, founded year, and the total funding amount raised have been sourced from Dealroom.

Image credit: Orka

Orka Technology Group

Founder/s: James Doyle, Nick Groves, Tom Pickersgill

Founded in: 2016

Funding: €34.8M

Orka builds products designed specifically for hourly workers, in order to solve challenges around high-turnover, high-volumes, and high-velocity employment within traditional industries, such as security, cleaning, and other service industries. 

It has three products – Orka Works, Orka Pay, and Orka Check. The company’s first product, Orka Works (formerly Broadstone), allows workers to find fair and flexible temporary employment with large organisations working in traditional, regulated industries such as security, cleaning, and logistics. With Orka Pay, the company aims to capitalise on the growing demand among businesses and workers for flexible pay options. Orka Check is a workers’ job passport, giving them the ability to prove who they are instantly and securely.

With its recent funding, the startup is currently hiring and the open positions have been mentioned here.

Image credit: LinkedIn

Founder/s: Benjamin Reeves, Nicolas Cary, Peter Smith

Founded in: 2011

Funding: €

Previously known as, is a platform that offers ways to buy, hold and use cryptocurrency. claims to be creating a financial system for the internet that empowers anyone in the world to control their money.

With over more than 50 million customers on its platform, the company offers a fast and easy way to buy bitcoin, trade crypto, send, receive, secure, and borrow digital currencies.

The company raised funding just last week and is looking for talents. Click here to apply.

Image credit: LinkedIn

Trade Ledger

Founder/s: Martin McCann

Founded in: 2016

Funding: €18M

Trade Ledger helps the financial services sector by reimagining complex business finance for SMEs and mid-market corporates in the digital economy.

The lending-as-a-service (LaaS) platform supports all secured and unsecured business lending products, transforming data sources from the supply chain into actionable insights and tasks. This enables the right lending products to be created and offered at the right time, over the right channel, quickly, at low risk. Its clients boost their profitability; realising on average a 60 per cent origination cost reduction, a 50 per cent reduction in dropouts, and loan book growth potential of over 100 per cent through embedded finance.

The company is currently hiring for Australian and UK regions. Click here to find out if your profile fits the company’s requirements.

Image credit: Blue Motor Finance

Blue Motor Finance

Founder/s: Christopher Jones

Founded in: 2014

Funding: €360M

Blue Motor Finance claims to be one of the UK’s premier consumer motor finance companies, lending over £1.5B (approx €1.7B) to over 120,000 customers, by offering service with a focus on technological innovation, risk management, and the highest standards of regulatory compliance.

Blue Motor Finance recently secured £300M (approx €348M) in new equity investment from Cabot Square Capital, and the company looks to expand its team. You can apply here.

Image credit: Monzo


Founder/s: Gary Dolman, Jason Bates, Jonas Huckestein, Paul Rippon, Tom Blomfield

Founded in: 2015

Funding: €622M

Monzo Bank Ltd is an online bank and one of the earliest of a number of new app-based challenger banks in the UK. It is fully authorised in the UK by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the PRA.

Originally operating through a mobile app and a prepaid debit card, in April 2017 its UK banking licence restrictions were lifted, enabling it to offer a full current account.

The company is looking for new talents to contribute to their team in various roles. Click here to find out about the openings.

Image credit: LinkedIn


Founder/s: Fabio Kuhn (CEO), Etienne Amic (Chairman)

Founded in: 2016

Funding: €21.8M

Vortexa’s team of engineers, data scientists, and market analysts have created a system of data and analytics tools to view global flows of oil & gas, delivered in real-time.

Its web-based app and programmatic API/SDK interfaces help traders, analysts and charterers make high-value trading decisions with confidence. The company’s clients include oil supermajors, commodities trading houses, investment banks, brokers, and ship owners, spanning globally.

The company has recently raised funding and is looking for new talents to join its team in London, Singapore, and Texas. Click here to apply.

Image credit: Token


Founder/s: Marten Nelson, Steve Kirsch, Yobie Benjamin

Founded in: 2015

Funding: €45.5m

Token is an open banking payments platform driving the shift from traditional payment methods to bank payments with Pan-European bank connectivity, data, and compliance capabilities. Token Pay offers the simplest way to bypass traditional methods and accept faster, lower-cost bank payments. It offers secure and unified access to banks in Europe to initiate real-time account-to-account payments directly from apps and websites.

With offices in London, San Francisco, and Berlin, Token’s customers include BNP Paribas and HSBC. Its recent announcements include the European PSP Contis, OpenPayd, UpCo, and Money Dashboard.

The company had raised funds in January this year and is looking to expand its team. Currently, the company is hiring in all of its three operational countries. Click here to apply.

Image credit: Wintermute


Founder/s: Evgeny Gaevoy, Harro Mantel, Yoann Turpin

Founded in: 2017

Funding: €22.5M

Wintermute is a global algorithmic liquidity provider for digital assets. It is a crypto-native market maker, focused on building a decentralised financial system by creating efficient, liquid markets with transparent prices.

The company since its inception has become one of the largest liquidity providers in crypto markets, covering thousands of pairs across almost 50 crypto exchanges and trading platforms on CeFi (Centralised Finance), DeFi (Decentralised Finance), and OTC (Over-the-counter).

This year, Wintermute is piloting its own RFQ (Request for Quote) platform with beta counterparties and is also planning to launch it for institutional players within the first quarter as well as scale the derivatives business.

Do you think you can fit into this team? Click here to find out about their opening roles.

Are you a UK-based fintech startup that is currently hiring and missing from the list? Let us know, we will make sure your message is heard.

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