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This personal care startup created an automated shopper journey experience using WebEngage

New-Delhi based Arata is a personal care brand founded by Dhruv Madhok and Dhruv Bhasin in 2018. The brand was created with a vision to replace harmful, carcinogenic skin and hair care products with chemical-free alternatives and is creating natural, vegan and plant-based products for both men and women. It is committed to building an honest personal care brand offering organic hair and skin products made from superior quality ingredients.

Arata is currently operating on a D2C-based model with its products available on the website. One of the biggest challenges in this business is to retain a customer that once makes a purchase.

We wanted to work on a solution that helps us retain customers, and send them personalised communication based on the products they like. Moreover, by identifying funnel leakages, we wanted to ensure that a customer completes their purchase journey,” shares Dhruv.

Signing up with WebEngage

We were looking for a marketing automation provider with experience of working with leading e-commerce D2C brands, that’s when we decided to sign up with WebEngage,” says Dhruv.

WebEngage is a user engagement and retention platform that helps businesses like Arata drive retention by enabling them to analyse data and engage with customers via multiple digital channels. The platform’s analytical capabilities also make it possible for businesses to get a 360° view of their users, products, campaigns, and compare the impact of each channel of engagement.

The onboarding process with WebEngage was executed seamlessly and a Customer Success Manager (CSM) started working closely with our team to help us understand the platform better,” adds Dhruv.

Spotlight on customer retention

To enable hyper-personalised communication at scale, CSM helped the team at Arata to consolidate the shopper data on the WebEngage dashboard for effective, multi-channel user engagement. The consolidated data on the WebEngage’s platform was then used to identify shopper engagement opportunities to maximise conversations and increase the focus on customer retention.

By choosing WebEngage as our growth partner, we’ve adopted a retention-first approach that shall help us scale our business faster than before. One thing that stands out about WebEngage is their Customer Success team. Their support is unmatchable. This partnership has made it easy for us to implement critical use cases and go live with the campaigns faster,” shares Dhruv.

WebEngage further helped Arata in solving critical issues such as cart abandonment, converting unknown shoppers into known ones, driving repeat purchases, and more. Features like Funnel analysis and Cohort analysis ensured seamless execution of the above-mentioned use cases.

Using the WebEngage dashboard, we can now create automated shopper journeys based on how and when the shoppers engage with our website. We can execute and manage these campaigns without any tech dependency. Cart abandonment and interesting trigger based communication have given us great results and continue to impact our bottom line,” said Adnan Ali, E-commerce Marketing Manager, Arata.

The impact

As an emerging D2C brand in the personal care category, Arata faces a lot of competition. For brands like Arata to stay ahead in the game, it is important to put the focus on customer engagement and retention strategies. With WebEngage, Arata successfully carries out various customer engagement activities and has maintained a cart abandonment recovery rate between 13 -18 percent.

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