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Tips For Protecting Your Workforce

It is believed that a huge number of workers are fleeing the hospitality sector because of long working hours, Brexit, and the uncertainty of COVID-19. As an employer, it is good to protect your employees and the most important thing is to ensure that you have a good loyal team of employees.

While it is expected that every employee should feel safe in their workplace, this is not possible sometimes especially when tempers are running high or customers feel like they have waited longer to be served. In such instances, your employees will bear the brunt of your customers’ anger. As such, it is good to look for ways to ensure workforce safety.

One of the best ways to keep your employees in the hospitality industry is to create and maintain a healthy environment. Ensure that your employees are treated with dignity and respect by others. Be committed to ensuring that all staff, visitors, guests, contractors, and other people on your premises behave in a respectable manner. 

You can do this by displaying a poster for all employees and staff talking clearly about the kind of behavior that will not be tolerated on your premises. It is a good idea to include the following in the poster:


Violence in the workplace

Abusive or aggressive behavior

Harassment especially sexual harassment

If any of the behaviors we just mentioned are brought to your attention, investigate the issue as soon as possible. If it is found out that any of your employees did anything wrong, ensure that they are punished. If other parties are guilty of any wrongdoing, appropriate actions should be followed including instituting criminal proceedings against an individual. 

Violent or Abusive Customers

Even though you expect your customers to be friendly and respectful, it is important to offer ‘best practice’ guidance in case an incident occurs. Sometimes, customers become embroiled in altercations with other customers or aggressive to your employees especially at busy times or when alcohol is involved. Ask your employees to look for these potential triggers that can lead to a violent situation:

Racial slurs or comments that are said in a way meant to offend others

Raised voices, shouting, or use of swearing and offensive language

Veiled or open threats to others

Aggressive gesturing, pushing to others

If your employees identify any of these triggers, they should try to take some steps to prevent an actual act of violence or physical abuse. These steps include:

-Calling for assistance: Your employees should know that it is not an as good idea to try to deal with such a situation alone. It is never good for their personal safety. As such, it is good for them to seek assistance.

-Advising their fellow colleague at the earliest opportunity if they sense that an incident is likely to happen

-Talking to the relevant parties and reminding them that such behavior won’t be tolerated. Advise your employees not to raise their voice as this may worsen the situation.

-Instructing that the police will be contacted if the issues are not addressed

Even though acts of violence and physical abuse aren’t common, it is good to have procedures in place to ensure that your employees feel safe and protected in their workplace.

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