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Top 10 Tools You Should Use When Working With A Remote Team

Management of remote teams is a widely popular concept due to the current pandemic situation. It takes time to excel in anything new that comes our way. But profits and revenues won’t wait unless you create a continuous improvement culture in a remote work environment. And that is possible with the proper ammunition – a set of productive and professional tools. Let’s discuss how you will benefit from the tools and software to manage your remote team successfully.

Essential Collaborating and Managing Tools for Remote Teams

Most businesses these days tend to build a culture of remote team collaboration to bring every employee on the same page, give them an equal opportunity to contribute, and share individual perspectives. Proper synchronization and communication in the workforce are the keys to efficient remote work culture. These are some of the inextricable tools that can be helpful.


Slack is a convenient platform to round up all the remote employees together via messaging and facetime. You can create separate channels for each project to keep things organized. On top of that, slack connect lets you work on intercompany projects and seal a new partnership deal swiftly. 

Slack enables free-flowing of transparent information as you can easily go through your team’s conversation history to look for important messages, files, or channels. Slack has bagged over 10 million active users, including America’s top retailers and industries like Target, Lyft Business, and iRobot.  


This cloud-based video communication software saw a drastic surge in revenue and downloads during the lockdown phase. The daily figure of meeting participants escalated by 1 million in just one month between March and April in 2020. 

Zoom is a one-stop solution for group chats, video conferencing in HD quality video and audio, webinars, and an enterprise-class cloud phone system. You can sync meeting schedules with the calendar and join from anywhere on any preferred device. Zoom has an array of elite brands in its client list, including Uber, Zendesk, Logitech, and 20th Century Fox.

Team Time Zone

A time zone tracker app will only ease the management of remote cross-country collaboration. Companies like Apple, InVision, McAfee trust Team Time Zone as it lets you visualize the whole team in real-time at a glance.

No matter if you are a conglomerate or a small-scale startup, this web application is perfect for designing a plan of action without brooding over the time zone calculation. And the best part is seamless integration with Slack and rapid onboarding within 10 seconds. 


In case you are looking for a tool to keep an eye on email analytics and metrics from a single dashboard, it has to be your choice. You can check the received and sent emails ratio, list of top senders and receivers, follow statistics on email traffic by day and hour, and average response time. Plus, Email Analytics helps spot the top performer by creating segmented team members’ lists and comparing their Gmail metrics. 

Time Doctor 

Time Doctor ensures optimal productivity of a remote team by giving a nudge whenever you are on the verge of wasting your precious time. It records the time you are away from the system and helps the employees to stay focused with reminders to avoid distractions. 

Integration with almost every project management tool like Slack, Jira, Asana, Trello makes it more accessible. Michael Melen, cofounder of SmartSites, America’s #1 rated digital marketing agency, says, “Time Doctor made our website development process 35% more efficient.”


Asana is a web and mobile-based application that works as a task manager to help remote team collaborations. It features lists, boards, and work-timelines to organize and assign projects systemically, set up work priorities to meet the deadlines, and step-by-step analysis of each task to figure out any difficulty in completion. Asana flaunts a substantial catalog of successful case studies. Sony Music claims their creative production capacity increased by 4x after choosing Asana. 


Need to bring more clarity and order to project management? Trello will help to keep you on track with all the listmaking, cards, and task boards. A Trello card contains everything about a project, including deadlines, files, attachments, and conversations. 

Trello features a unique built-in automation system to take care of the strenuous parts on your behalf so that you can spend more time on the works that need real attention.  


Growing dependency on automation, AI, and advanced technologies created a hollow space for more top-notch tech talents in the USA and worldwide. Jira is one such software development tool used widely among remote tech teams. It breaks the deals in a four-step process – plan, track, release, and report. 

You can design user stories and time limits for your agile team and allot assignments among the members. It enables you to set your top priority works, deliver well-informed quality projects, and upgrade employee performance with visual data reports at hand.                             


Mural is another name for innovative and visual collaboration to make the monotonous digital office space a bit more interesting. Mural design features embrace sticky notes, flowcharts, mapping, drawing, and engaging voting and timer options. 

Meetings and workshops are a delight with custom-made templates for every purpose, interactive icebreakers, quick guest access, and much more. Mural assisted IBM in seizing 495% ROI within a payback period of 6 months.  


Teamviewer is the ultimate cloud-based software for remote communication and connectivity to maximize productivity. It provides an extensive IT management framework to securely access and manage any device from any remote location without a VPN. 

There is more than just device access. With Teamviewer Meeting, team members can conduct HD VoIP video conferences, audio calls, prompt texting, and share screen and session recordings on group meetings with up to 300 people.    

Final Thoughts 

As a startup founder or a senior manager struggling with remote team communication, we hope you will find this information sufficient. These tools and apps will help to get over workplace silo, improve remote employee engagement and adhere to budgets and schedules to meet the set goals in a breeze.

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