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Top 4 Flameless Rechargeable Lighters You Can Buy- Technology News, FP

Pocket-size rechargeable lighter
This bestselling flameless lighter is extremely user-friendly with a simple sliding feature. Its rechargeable battery lasts for a long time giving you a seamless experience. Safe to use, the lighter generates heat up without a flame to light up a cigarette in just a few seconds. With the flameless lighter in your pocket, there’s no reason to worry about wind. If you’re looking for something durable and long-lasting to take on one of your travels, then this pocket-sized rechargeable lighter is a great one to have in your luggage.

Multi-colored cigarette lighter
Available in a variety of different colors, this windproof cigarette lighter not only looks sleek but also makes life easy. The coil heats up in a matter of seconds without having to do much – simply put your finger on the touch, sensor, the lighter will start generating intense heat and your work is done! Moreover, the lighter can be charged on your laptop’s USB port too in case you’re traveling and a 100 percent charge will let you use the lighter for about 200 uses. Are you looking for easy-to-use lighters? Then this lighter is the perfect choice for you!

Low impact and longer-lasting
The best part about a lighter like this is the fact that it has no gas or butane making it environment-friendly with its low impacting features. The battery life is good too and ensures that the lighter last for a long time. You can carry it anywhere you want – even in areas that would usually be restricted, given that this rechargeable lighter is flameless. While this lighter is small in size, it is extremely strong. If you’re looking for compact and eco-friendly lighters is a good option for you to have at hand.

Fancy cigarette lighter
Not only is this flameless lighter efficient to use, but is also very stylish. It looks almost like a real gun in design and size. The grey body and carbon-steel exterior make it extremely durable and good-looking. The lighter can be recharged with a USB, whether plugged into the switch or connected to your laptop and computer. Perfect even in windy outdoor locations this convenient option can easily replace conventional lighters or matches easily. If you’re looking to turn some heads when you use it, this Mauser-style lighter will be the perfect purchase.

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